Kinki studio -vision thr-1
just found this amp. Does anyone have any experience? Looks interesting

I wonder why they don’t have solder resist on the whole board though…
Not complaining about it, makes following the traces super easy.

Picture from overhead:

Initial notes (I am staring at this for fun):

  • Yet to spot any integrated circuit
  • the lack of ground plane is confusing
  • Dafuq is this?

It is… A 1960s Signetics (now part of Philips/NXP) form factor called “TO5-8”

It’s current limited at 600 Ohms, which is astonishing claims to output 70V RMS.
So it’s probably based on a speaker amp.

For simple person like me does it look any good probably from technical perspective or meeh?
I saw like two reviews saying it is pretty darn good so it woke up my curiosity bug.

I remember discussing the amp with @M0N once, but I can’t remember if he’s heard it.

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I have not heard it, looks interesting. I know someone who has got one recently and likes it, think he uses he500 and lcd 4 with it, iirc he thought it was pretty nice for his harder to drive cans and it was good to smooth out the treble and relax things a tad while keeping drive and impact. I’ll have to think about making a longer drive over to his place to try it out eventually lol

Edit: he also says it really helps out his 800s in the bass and warmth aspect, and doesn’t have issues with treble anymore. Using a mhdt pagoda balanced for a dac (that I sold him lol)

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I think it’s an op amp, they were/are available in a packages like that.

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Found two more written reviews.

First one is a bit older but detailed. Still reading through

This one has been listed a few weeks now… You might be able to get a pretty sweat deal on it. I’m very curious about this amp but am saving for something a bit higher end.

Yeah it’s in us i am eu and I just bought burson soloist 3x so pass on this one.

Yeah I figured as much so was just posting in general in case anybody had been looking or curious about this amp. $650-$700 is a much more appealing price point than $1k+.

How are you liking the soloist this far? I’ve tried the conductor 3XP and 3XR and didn’t love either but the soloist 3XP might be a winner.

got it two days ago and was rather busy at work so not enough listening time yet to sort my thoughts. form brief listening I like it with hex and hd 600 very much. it adds a bit of warm and low end texture to both which is what I was hopping for. I have also Feliks Echo 2 ordered so I hope I will have some nice time exploring all my amps. I also love form factor and functionality.