KiwiEars Impressions thread

Share your thoughts and impressions on KiwiEars Products.


Didn’t see a thread on KiwiEars so here we go.

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Lets start the party with thw Quartet

2 X 10mm Ti Coated DD ISO config, 1 Cistom BA - Mids - 1 Custom BA for highs
2 tuning switches in a full black and purple med grade vented resin shell.


Not a comment with any substance to it, just a shout out to how scrolling through the photos quickly, I had to raise an eyebrow.



I didn’t need to think about buttcheeks while reading TDM’s post. Thanks for that


First listen was interesting not sure how i feel Love the fast bass but the rest ummm not sure needs some burn in and time. Top end sounded splashy tried a few toggle positions.

Needs power to get thoose dual 10’s going as well.

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I got their Cadenza - very pretty shell, nice, small and lightweight. Unfortunately, also completely unusable for me because of the fit. With silicone tips, despite trying a few sizes and few types, it just pops right out after insertion and loses the seal completely which kills the sound. The nozzles are just entirely too short for my ears.
With foam tips they’re usable, but foam tips irritate my ears, and the sound wasn’t remarkable enough to put up with it.
I’m actually curious if their other IEMs have similar nozzles because that would make the whole brand a no-go for me unfortunately.

Exact same situation for me - gave my Cadenza to a friend cause I could never get a seal with them. Hopefully not the same with the rest of the lineup. The Cadenza looks to be the smallest though.

The Nozels are on the shorter side. I would try DUNU S&S Tips or AZLA Crystal Long