KLH Audio Ultimate One

Anybody tried these headphones? They certainly look pretty smart :+1:

Can’t seem to find any ‘real’ reviews regarding the sound yet…

et voila

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Looks very similar to the Sivga sv 007 http://www.sivgaaudio.com/us/new-arrival/sviga-sv007-over-ear-high-performance-headphones-with-wooden-ear-cups.html

Don’t think Sivga use beryllium drivers though?

Yeah I tried to confirm if they do, I wasn’t able to. The Blon B8 does have the 50mm beryllium though, same housing as the Sivga 006, but it’s in different style cups.

Just an observation. Could be from same OEM, it could be different and amazing.

There is more to the sound then the driver itself. It’s how you tune it that can make it or break it

Definitely. They could be amazing, or they could be a BossHifi-a-like.

On it like Sonic…