Klipch rp 600 MOD LOL

I love ZEOS!!!
I turned my rp-600m upside down on 28 in stands holy fucking shit! Must-try Zeos o you are my Paisans I’mma Italian so I can call you a guinea bastard Paisano… dude I fucking love you! You are a made man in my family LMFAO

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Oh man, I just had a flashback.

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Got a set of 600m, lik’em. In retrospect thinking should of went with the floorstanders.

Just turn them upside down and get a sub

I can’t even believe the difference of the sound that it wasn’t the half a bottle of wine I drank lol

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This might be the greatest thread in hifi guides @ZeosPantera you better reply to this man.

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Height of the tweeter matters… Also the 600m have that angled bottom so you remove the angle by flipping them.

And it is free to try.



Big fan of your show!! thank you for all that you do!! New York Paisano LOL!

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Ugh… Italians… :roll_eyes:

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What’s matter you? why you Looka so sad? Its a not so bad ah… shut up a u face!! :laughing:

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We built this country and tought everybody how to eat!!:love_you_gesture::kissing_heart:

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Does it actually count as MOD if you turn the speaker?
It’s more in realm of speaker alignment in my mind.

MOD would be something like tweeter swap or driver swap and upgrading the crossover cables or component’s, more or less filler and so on.
Using used toilet paper or slt, some like to do.

Maybe more tuning?

This man has so much Italian passion its just oozing

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Guess you didn’t see the “LOL” after the main post? Are we having fun or are we a stuffy audiophile?? Are your speaker wires touching? Is your amplifier close enough or far enough from the wall? Do you use oxygen free copper? Does your power conditioner live up to the standards?

Oh yea. I totally missed that one.

Porco Dio this thread is getting out of hand. Can you guys just relax?

Right guys I have removed all the offensive posts can we @93hostang please keep things on topic and insulting someones race for what ever reason will not be tolerated here on HFGF
Thank you.

Cabin fever.