Klipsch Fives Powered monitors - $500 on Amazon

Bestill my heart that’s a deal

Klipsch The Fives Powered Speaker System with HDMI-ARC in Walnut / Black Amazon.com

I’ve read the Five’s are disappointing. perhaps that’s why there is a fire sale?

Fightin’ words to that guy! :grin:

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well, they will obviously click with some, but I’ve seen more negative thoughts than positive.

I do have memory issues tho, so perhaps it’s the Sixes I’m thinking of?

a lot of reviews i see favor the 5’s over the 6’s. you might be thinking of the 6’s. they got much more mixed reviews. but its klipsch regardless. you like the shouty or you dont lol

edit: i got a pair of klipsch, i have to listen to them 15 degrees tilted. to bright for my tastes otherwise.


kk. I really dislike how my memory likes to fail me by connecting multiple answers to a matter. makes for awkward situations sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Luckily it only gets better as we get older!
Wait a second… :face_in_clouds:


6’s were far more boring and older. These Fives were state of the art with DSP, everyone waiting for the 6’s to catch up.

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OMG!!! Lord Zeos graces me with his attention!!!
/me faints. :wink:

We own The Sixes + a 120sw sub and love them. Our main hifi is a Marantz model 30 + sacd 30n + rp8000f, and our other room hifi is The Sixes. Would love to put them up against the Fives to see how they stack up.

Word of advice on buying audio on Amazon: MAKE SURE your seller is an authorized seller or Klipsch may refuse service in the future. Found this out the hard way by buying The Sixes for $599 when they were selling for $799 elsewhere, and we had a minor issue that causes us to contact Klipsch. We learned our serial number was not authorized on Amazon.

Criticism of the Sixes:
Dirty internal circuits on the amp/receiver uhit. I get some clicky / noisy stuff on the sub out when I power on/off, regardless of sources, wall power, or filtration. I hear the phono stage sucks, but I don’t use turntables so I don’t care. The USB DAC built in is ok, but the driver isn’t compatible with a few things on windows so I don’t use that. I connect directly to my audio interface using the RCA ins.

That being said, the clarity (ya we love that ‘shouty’ Klipsch sound) and image that the Sixes push is well balanced, holographic and warm, with the sub of course warming it a bit more. Not holographic like our big Marantz, but adequately wide and engrossing.

I can sit directly in front of the Sixes (3 feet) or I can sit 10+ feet away, and they sound great at both distances. Video games and movie audio are clear and highly detailed, we never feel fatigued or overwhelmed, and the Sixes are a great place to give a first listen to music that we will later move to the Marantz. Sure - the Marantz (which cost 10x the Sixes for the decks alone) sounds more musical, more pure, is as close to 100% distortion-free as our ears can hear, the sound pressure is probably 10x the Sixes (lol), and the turntable stage is pristine, but we really do love our Sixes and I had to come give them some love in this thread. :grin:

Our Sixes have moved with us from apartment living where we first installed them, to our single family home where we have more space and more hifi, and we continue to love them.