Klipsch HP-3 vs ZMF Aeolus

Looking for a smooth, warm enjoyable sounding headphone. These two are my main choices so far. Which one is a better choice? I have a Focal Clear and Thx 789 amp.

I own a pair off Klipsch HP-3 and I can’t say that I love them. Build quality and packaging is nice that’s about it. They are not very comfortable. The headband does not have enough padding. Way too v-shape sounding. Bass does sound bloated. They have nice timbre though because of the biocellulose drivers. If you want high end v-shaped sounding headphones save up $300 more and buy the Fostex th900 mk2. I even got my Klipsch HP-3 for $900, and still find them to be meh. Have not tried the Aeolus, but ZMF nails it when it comes to tonality.

The th900mk2 is great, but I think that he would want to look at the ZMF here imo as I think that would suit his preferences well. Or a hd6xx on a nice tube amp lol

Yeah i really want to try a Zmf headphone and sound I think i will go with the Aeolous


Well nice, hope you enjoy it :+1: