Klipsch KSW-12 vs R-10SW

Hello, in the market for a sub to match my Mission Speakers. I came across two used Klipsch subwoofers in my area. One is a KSW-12 for $130 and the other is a R-10SW for $150. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these and which one might be better. The KSW-12 seems to have better frequency response and higher wattage. The R-10SW seems to be newer with the copper spun design. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

So I would personally prefer the KSW-12 imo as it’s the higher preforming sub. The R-10SW is good, but the ksw-12 is the better sub imo

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Awesome, it’s cheaper too. I kind of figured the same considering it is a bigger woofer so could do more. I will go ahead with the KSW-12 then. Thanks! :smiley:

Since it is a downfiring sub, do you think I should get a pad to sit it on? I’ve read different opinions. Some say carpet is best, others say hardwood. Some say you should get a pad.

I would say some isolation would be helpful, and carpet would be an easy way to do that. It really depends on your room. I would say wait until you get the sub and experiment with what you already have and position first before buying anything

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I want the Klipsch horn sound and I’ll be upgrading from a Phillips mcm 530 micro system. What yaw think about when it comes to the r-15m, rp-150m or rp-160m. I know how great the rp-600m suppose to be but I think I wanna start out cheap and slow. I don’t know nothing about speakers. What’s the quality, value, and characteristics of these speakers?

So personally I think the rp-150m and rp160m are a better speaker than the r-15m. These speakers are detailed, have good bass for bookshelfs, a warmer sound, and also somewhat forgiving. I think they are great speakers to start out. They are built very well also. I personally think they are a good option

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Okay I think I’ll go for that. There ain’t many choices for new receivers, I know the ones in the 70’s were the best, but their old and I don’t know if I can count on them. I could get a dud. I know speakers make the biggest difference.

If you need something to power them, a topping pa3 or emotiva basx a100 does the job very well imo. If you did want a receiver, getting a refurb can be pretty cheap because you can typically find them with good deals

You think that would do it?

Which one? The Klipsch speakers are pretty efficient, and don’t really need that much power

Oh okay, you giving option on cheaper. What I got is a stereo, not a stereo receiver.

Wait what do you have to power them? Sorry I am getting confused (this is just me being dumb)

I have nothing to power them.

Ah my bad lol. So yeah any of those options would work just fine

Oh, ok thanks! I’ll probably make my move black Friday or cyber Monday, when deals drop.

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