Klipsch KSW-12 vs R-10SW

Hello, in the market for a sub to match my Mission Speakers. I came across two used Klipsch subwoofers in my area. One is a KSW-12 for $130 and the other is a R-10SW for $150. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these and which one might be better. The KSW-12 seems to have better frequency response and higher wattage. The R-10SW seems to be newer with the copper spun design. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

So I would personally prefer the KSW-12 imo as itโ€™s the higher preforming sub. The R-10SW is good, but the ksw-12 is the better sub imo

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Awesome, itโ€™s cheaper too. I kind of figured the same considering it is a bigger woofer so could do more. I will go ahead with the KSW-12 then. Thanks! :smiley:

Since it is a downfiring sub, do you think I should get a pad to sit it on? Iโ€™ve read different opinions. Some say carpet is best, others say hardwood. Some say you should get a pad.

I would say some isolation would be helpful, and carpet would be an easy way to do that. It really depends on your room. I would say wait until you get the sub and experiment with what you already have and position first before buying anything

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