Klipsch r-14m amp

Hi gang, I have a spare set of r-14m I am going to give to my mom. Looking at an amp for them that is 13wpc class D. She will not be listening to anything loud at all, but still concerned even tho klipsch are mega efficient, it may not be quite enough juice. Shes old and does not like to learn new tech things, so this amp is just on/off with volume. Another simple decent amp suggestion with basic controls and a little more juice, like 20-25wpc recommendations would be good as well. I know 20-25 be plenty based off of my usage.


The topping Pa3 would work pretty well. Dead simple and very clean. Would need a source though

Or the micca origain works too, so does the SMSL SA50

+1 for the SA50. It’s what I use, and it’s just power and a knob.

Not super efficient but 90 db is more than my 85 db (ish) and i have only 30 watt pr channel in 8 ohm

10 watt for 90 db would be enough.

Class d one input turn on, volume up,down, won’t get more simple, just make shure it’s either prefect balanced with the klipsch or theres bass,treble tone controls