Klipsch r 51 m questions

1)I have Fiio M7 dap ,I’m running into back of my receiver via 3.5m to rca.
How do i keep digital signal ,Keep hi res audio going out to my speakers thru my dap?
If it has no spdif out ,or coaxial going via line out into receiver analog.

2)If you run lineout of dap , analog rca into receiver.
Will it damage my speakers ,As I can adust volume on receiver or no.

My major question ,is 1st one .
I no idea if my daps dac ,is outputting hi res via analog.
If not how would I get it to be digital ,what cables i need buy.

Receiver is Yahmaha Rx-V373

You are perfectly fine using a line out into your receiver, the M7 dap most likely has a better dac (decoder chip) than your receiver, so you would still have the Hi-rez audio being played and decoded by the m7. Connecting the m7 via the line out to the receiver using a line input (like a CD input RCA’s), you will be able to control the volume of the sound through the receiver and would most likely yield better sound quality then a digital connection to the receiver. Just make sure that the M7 is outputting a line level signal by setting the headphone out to line out in your settings. Just make sure to switch it back to headphone out before plugging back into the M7 with headphones after using it in line out mode

So my my daps internal dac ,Kicks in plays hi res audio .
Via lineout ,into receiver via analog?
I thought it downsampled pcm rate to,44 or 48 pcm .
But still keeps 24 bit,Anything via analog ,Or is that android phones only?

sorry i have worst grammar via phone

So there is no such thing as high rez in an analog signal. When you play music using a digital device like a player or phone, that digital information is sent to a dac (digital to analog converter) and turned into an analog signal that can be sent to an amplifier that can send signal to headphones or speakers. The quality of the components such as the dac and amplifier determine the sound quality, along with the quality of the source music files. If you have high quality music files like 16 bit 44.1khz cd quality flac or hi Rez 24bit 44.1khz or above, these are decoded by the dac and turned into an analog electric signal. All sound has to turn into an analog signal at one point, so the dac processes this and spits out the signal. Dac chips can handle different qualities of music, and the dac will take the incoming signal and output it. So if you are using a hi rez file, the dac will preserve the quality. What you are talking about is downsampling, which takes a hi Rez audio stream and converts it to cd quality, and this will only happen if you configure the device to do so. This is most likely not happing on the M7, so you should have no issue. The M7 most likely has a better dac than the one inside the receiver, so it would be beneficial to use the line out on the M7 to bypass the lower quality dac within the yamaha receiver

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Thank you so much ,Ive heard mixed answers ,About my dap is downsampling .
Only way to get hi res audio ,Is to buy preamp dac.
Thank you for saving me money ,I dont need to spend.

Darn Crutchfield ,Sales techs lol
And random youtube videos.
Thanx again ,I should have used this forum from get go!

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No problem :+1:. You don’t need a preamp as long as your receiver has a volume control, which it does. They are most likely trying to sell you on a higher quality dac to connect to the player, but that is mostly unnecessary since most people wouldn’t notice the difference between higher end dacs.