Klipsch R-51PM Powered help

so I’ve tried the Sound BlasterX Katana and returned them because the bass was very weak and not loud enough for what I want, starting to think the bose 300 with sub are my only options. if anyone can link me good speakers or soundbar that I can buy a sub for also id appreciate it I thought about bookshelf speakers with the amp but im new to this. budget 300-500 I have been looking at the Klipsch R-51PM Powered i wanna make a smart move. its gonna b used for pc, tv, and music.

The Klipsch are pretty good imo, can easily recommend :+1:

What type of sound are you looking for?

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thank you for responding! im new to this and ive only used speakers givien to me , i wanna buy speakers i can buy a sub for and use for everything . gaming, movies, and music. i want something loud and better than the sound blaster. the klipschs are 500 bucks so just trying to make sure its the smartest move.

Do you already have a dac (just wondering)?

And also is this for a room or for a desk setup?

Other speakers that come to mind are the vanatoo t0 or the Kanto yu6 with sub outs

i do not :frowning: but im willing to buy one. someone told me the the topping is good. ill be using on a desk yes. so would you say the kanto over the klipsch?

No worries then, the klipsch, vanatoo, and kanto have built in dacs so you are still all set!

I would say if you are using them on a desk, I would prefer the vanatoo, and if you wanted more volume for a room I would prefer the klipsch.

ok so you would say 500 bucks for them and 200 for Klipsch R-100SW 10" subwoofer makes the most sense?

Wait so are you using these on speakers on a desk or in a room

on a desk but id look into a stand or wall mount .

well, I would be careful for the klipsch on a wallmount because they are rear ported and require some space behind them to sound their best. Personally in your situation I would recommend the t0 tbh. You could use the same sub and be just fine too :+1:

ok ill look into them now. one more question i was looking for a very good dac/amp for headphones and speakers would you know any? is the topping any good? mx3 i think

Personally a good all in one dac amp combo that has great bang for the buck, the fiio k5 pro is really good for the price. What headphones do you have?

Philips SHP9500 with mod mic

Yeah if you wanted an upgrade then the k5 pro would be pretty awesome

you the mvp ive been breaking my head about speakers for 6 months lol i have a better idea now of what to get. 500 bucks is alot of money to me so i appreciate the insight from you

If you have any questions just ask, you want to make sure you get something you know you won’t have any issues with :+1:

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thanks bud have a happy new year

You too, hope you enjoy whatever you decide to go with :+1::+1::+1:

sorry one more question. can you link me best banana plug speakers? and if i did go with the klipschs do you know of any stands?

reason i ask is i can get those speakers for 100 a month so makes sense. what do you recommend id need for them so i can just buy everything now.