Klipsch R51PM vs Klipsch The Fives


Hope everybody’s well and keeping safe.

Am currently eyeing to get Klipsch The Fives, however, I suddenly see Klipsch R51PM. It has bigger cone 5.25 compared to 4.5 of The Fives and lower price too. It seems that the HDMI arc is the only advantage I can see from The Fives, which I am ok to live with.

Would like to get some advise/thoughts from audio people here.

My purpose is to connect phono and TV. I am currently changing my home theatre setup (Denon AVR-1000 with Klipsch HDT600) because the audio output from my phono needs an improvement I believe. I also like a cleaner setup on a 2.1 with integrated amp and phono in.

The music I normally play on my phono are 60’s 70’s (Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, etc) and bigbands/jazz, some new waves of the 80s too.

Appreciate the advise I’d get from here…

Thanks in advance.

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The fives have more sophisticated DSP processing so they have better dynamic range as compared to R51PM. Also the waveguide, the rear port, over all build quality and design is better on the fives. You wont go wrong with R51PM, but if you want more sound in less size, the fives are the way to go.