Klipsch RP-160M or RP-500M for a living room setup?

Edit: Thank you for all the lovely responses, I’ve removed the urgent from the title since that doesn’t really apply anymore, I more or less made up my mind, feel free to comment anyway, I’ll make sure to read all of them.

Ok so I’ve been meaning to upgrade from my TV speakers in my living room to something actually good and spubled upon a lot of options that I couldn’t but because of where I live.

But Klipsch is a viable option, which is good because Zeos made reviews on both the 150M and 600M. The 600M is out of my price range but I’ve found a good deal on the 160M which is an older model.

Basically I want to know which one would be better for a living room setup where these will be my primary speakers (I don’t plan on doing 5.1 in the near future). It’s a medium sized room with openings on both sides (like a big corridor) and one of the openings is to the outside world.

Is the 6 inch driver worth it for the 160Ms, specially in a room with openings? Or is the better designed tweeter of the 500Ms best? I don’t plan on adding a subwoofer either.

I guess this is basically a discussion of bass vs treble maybe? Idk

The reason this is urgent is because I already placed my order of the RP-500Ms and only NOW found a website that had the 160Ms on discount, I would like to know if it’ll be worth it to cancel my order of the 500Ms to go with the bigger 160Ms.

Please help me out here! Have a great day wherever you are c:

I don’t have experience with the 500Ms so I cannot help you directly. With my Klipsch experiences though, I’ve caught myself saying that I wish the tweeters were better more often than complaining about the woofers.
I hope that helps a little.


If a subwoofer is out of the question, I would opt for more bass.

Having heard few Klipsch speakers from same lineup, they are pretty similar to each other.
Same tweeters, same driver material. Driver size is different and RP500 might be the newer one with little bit different structure/build of woofer.
Other one might go little lower but not much. 45hz vs 48hz so pretty much nothing.

Still, nothing major.

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The rp500m vs the 160 is pretty different in sound, they changed their sound sig to a warmer more fun sound, and also are a decent bit more detailed as well

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Oh, they did?
Buger, wonder what the similar one was…

The older stuff is pretty similar as you say imo, the newest line is a turning point for them

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I mean it’s not completely out of the question, maybe in a year or two, or maybe even longer. I don’t plan on getting one right now that’s what I meant, not now nor in the near future.

If it’s really that much better I’d rather stick with the 500Ms then, I’d rather have the more recent (better?) sound signature, I’m going to be mainly watching movies and listening to a wide variety of music (anything from Lo-Fi to black metal to Deadmau5 to Nina Simone) on it, I’d say 70% movies 30% music. They’re for my living room after all I do the bulk of my music listening on my bedroom with headphones.

It’s weird because most people I’ve talked to on Reddit and stuff said the 160Ms and 600Ms are pretty close in terms of sound, so I imagined the 500 would follow a similar approach.

Huh, I personally I don’t think I would agree with this from my experiences with them


Oh ok, thank you for the response. I’ve also seen some Klipsch haters out there, saying they’re “objectively horrible”, oh well it’s my first decent audio system so I’m sure it’ll be fine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Klipsch are certainly fun speakers. They are very dynamic and will do a superb job with your films. They also excel for parties and Deadmau5 as your reference.

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There is definitely a love / hate towards Klipsch speakers. Some like the forward sound, others don’t. I actually feel that in the last couple decades, there were some subpar models put out by Klipsch that took that sound to the extreme. I owned a couple models and didn’t hang on to them very long… and I like a revealing sounding speaker. I own a pair of 600Ms… and I can tell you these sound nothing like the last two decades offerings. Yes, still efficient, dynamic and revealing, but with just enough warmth. I listen to a variety of music and they sound wonderful to me…of course they will reveal a poor recording. I use them for music only and I have them paired with a sub-woofer…my system is in a larger room… but I do believe they put out decent but not big low end…so, keep that in mind with the smaller 500Ms…

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