Klipsch RP-600C vs. ELAC Uni-Fi 2.0 UC52

I’m looking to buy a HT setup that can also be used to listen to music. I’m not the most critical of listeners but value good audio quality. The ratio of movies to music is going to be around 70/30.
I heard many good things about ELACs Uni-Fi lineup and because I live in europe where their prices are a bit lower, they look to be a great value.

Those are my prices:

Center: Uni-Fi 2.0 UC52 350€
L/R: Uni-Fi 2.0 UB52 600€/Pair

Center: RP-600C 340€
L/R: RP-600M 470€/Pair

Is ELACs sound quality better than Klipsch’s? And if so, is the difference worth 140€ in your opinion?

PS: The subwoofer is going to be whatever has enough power and good reviews. The satellites most likely miccas or something else budget oriented.

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RP600Ms for that money is a steal, paid over 600 euros for mine :stuck_out_tongue:

For mostly HT the Klipsch would have the edge for sure. Dynamics are excellent and can play clear with loud volumes.
ELAC might be more detailed, refined but Klipsch is more fun, dynamic, energetic.

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For the Price from Elec uni is myabe better to take a look of the B.S 6.2 or the new Dbr 62 i find.
They are newer as the Uni.

Elac is more Warm,details,more punch.Good Speakers.

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Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard too… I’m just not sure yet if I want more detail or if it’s not worth for the amount of music I listen to.

Thank you, do you also know if that applies to the center speaker?
Especially there I want to get the best possible because the vast majority of sound and dialog in movies goes through the center channel.

Yes Elac has also released a center speaker for the BS 6.2 and Dbr 62.

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Hoping for a few more perspectives