Klipsch Synergy 3.1 System

I recently found the KSB 3.1 bookshelves and the KSC-C1 and I’m curious what people have to say about them. They’re 20-25 years old at this point and they’re way better than the Polk T30 and Klipsch RB-10 bookshelves I had before. For one being timber matched gels out a lot. But they’re also clearly at least 3db more sensitive.
Anyone with any experience with these, let me know your thoughts! Also anyone that knows Klipsch products.
Are these worth doing a crossover upgrade at some point?

I still have a pair of KSB 3.1’s that get daily use in a small HT setup. Bought them in the mid 90’s as floor models. Still sound and look great. I’ve always liked Klipsch speakers. I don’t know anything about the crossover upgrades.