Klipsch💎 THX-5000-LCR

Zeos made review from Klipsch THX-5000-LCR

Frequency Response 80Hz-20kHz ±3dB
Sensitivity 94dB @ 2.83 volts / 1 meter
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms compatible
High Frequency Crossover 1500Hz
Power Handling 100 watts maximum continuous (400 watts peak)
Enclosure Type Sealed
Enclosure Material Medium density fiberboard construction (MDF)
Tweeter 1" (2.5cm) magnetically shielded, titanium dome compression driver with 9.6oz ceramic magnet structure
High Frequency Horn 10" x 6" rectangular 90° x 60° Tractrix® Horn
Woofer Two 5.25" (13.3cm) magnetically shielded, Cerametallic™ cone, cast aluminum frame drivers
Inputs Two sets of binding post speaker terminals (connected via brass strap jumpers)
Dimensions 12.75" (32.4cm) H x 16" (40.6cm) W x 12.5" (31.8cm) D (w/grille)
Weight 32 lbs. (14.5kg)
Finish Galaxy Black cabinet with Black anodized aluminum fascia
Mounting 4-bolt pattern 1/4"-20 thread
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I might be bit too pampered and too twisted with the sonic reference speakers with perfect imaging, spectrum balance and that can go load and only the insane make HT from them.

I still would like hear a HT with these speakers. Just for the experience.

Like the man asked “WHY is nobody talking about THEEESE?!?”
Think one of our members had these speakers, anyone else and what you all think.

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Member had them in a bedroom or den powered by a denon 4700. My kind of lunatic.


mostly because you have to have a sub. and they are expensive and out of stock all the time. they are also ugly.

edit: they are specifically designed for HT. klipsch’s early success, and a lot of their cash flow, came from theaters buying their speakers to throw behind screens. these are modern incarnations designed for a THX HT system.

Smaller then thought they would be. $11000 for a 7.1.4 is steep.

Hey how’s it going, I’ve got the THX-6000-LCR need the extra output for my 10x10 bedroom :wink:


Needs more SPL . :laughing:

Serious note, eagar to learn about the new active DSP utilizing speakers to overcome rooms acoustics. Hoping the software will find itself in affordable AVRs. Not to jazz about replacing 11 speakers.

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same my surround speaker can get down to 80hz, and my LCR go down to 48hz. I set everything to 80hz because that the THX crossover spec.

If im understanding it in order to use the speakers for active room correction they have to be full range capable ? Man, have rewatch the podcast again.

The directional low frequency feature is interesting. Going to wait for a sale to pick up the new AVR.

Not sure, just roomers and speculation right now. I listened to the whole podcast and they where just talking about the theory behind the idea of using all of the speakers as active room treatment, we will have to wait and see about what it actually is when Dirac release’s a prototype of the software to someone like Gean DellaSala to review. My guess is that this software is aways away and will come out on the next generation of Denon AVR’s not the xX800h series.

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I have not listened the podcast or watched the full video (boring) but noticed a question on the video.

Why would someone even consider using two similar tech side by side?
If Natarajan already has Trinnov (the bentley like correction) why he would use Dirac also?
They both probably do the same thing (in the end) little differently.

I mean. I use Room Correction from speakers management and its per speakers and per sub (even if having 2 x subs or more) cause they have it all.
Just using AVR for translating coding/codec of the surround to Atmos, Auro or DTS form.
Trinnov does the same thing adjust the room and then code the wanted surround form.
Would be more than weird using two systems?

“Still, at Dirac, we realized they only act as advanced equalizers, smoothing the frequency curve but totally missing the timing aspect.”
Ummm… they do…? :slight_smile:
I kinda think they are making more affordable solution with more measuring points.

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They did a couple pods on this think the daily hifi discussed it too. Have to go back .
Sounds game changing and pricey.

The video by Matt and Gene is much better since they understand the topic a lot better than the daily hifi guys. I think Joe and Channa tend to be full of a lot of BS with their ideas about 30 degree speaker angles and using Auro 3D up mixing for native Atmos content. 99% of people who say Atmos sucks don’t have their height channels set up right, your ears are very sensitive to where the speakers are placed, I’ve tried tons of different angles and positions with ATMOS placement and found that you going to what them to be a lot closer than you expected they would be. 55 degrees from the MLP with 30 degrees of separation. It doesn’t look right, but it works stuff is actually flying over your head and moving from one speaker to the next. if you place them too close to where the bed layer is located the sound gets muddy and it becomes very difficult for your brain to locate sounds above you.

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Got my overheads as on-wall easiest route for my room. Im with whatever works . Techno dad on the recording of ATMOS.

This is the video I was talking about it’s utter BS, if you put your overhead actually above your head, you’ll realize you’ve never really heard ATMOS until then.

I got to cobble some overheads to try it.
And avatar 2 is out december ill do mutiple watches at a dolby theater. The overheads are close and in the middle of a commerical room, but the surrounds are high up closer to the roof. Since getting into HT im looking at speakers during the movie at the theater than the damn screen.

They are not completely wrong you know.
The layout of surround has a correlation also to how many channels are you going to use or how many speakers. Plus the room they will be and seating position.
Angle IMO depends also of what speakers are used. Should be used what is the best for each speaker
You are correct for more traditional and smaller HT setting in 5.x.4 example.

BUT if going larger like 9.x.6. like 16 channels or more. 12.x.12 etc
The BS video is correct on locations. They are in 3 rows on top surround.

If having even more channels to top surround then you would have 4 rows or 5 rows.
Depending on the channel amount. The processor will handle and mix the audio.
Same for recordings how they test. Similar 9.x.6 settings are used by some Studios.
3 row up channels

In HT environment something like 12.12.12 + subs or more! Start to be a twilight zone level stuff.

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Im leaning torward horsepower will get you there if optimal placement isnt convenient.

Excited to learn if the new software will lesson the need for extensive passive room treatment which offset the cost of the new tech.

Look at that studio :fire: !

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Those Dolby graphics are meaningless they don’t tell you anything about placement. what matters is the degrees of angle from the main listening system, the higher your cealing the closer the speakers can get to the side walls, it why this argument about “height channels vs ceiling speakers” is a exercise in stupidity and why my speakers need to be closer in above my head I only have a 7ft 8in tall ceiling. All that matters is is the speaker a minimum of 45 degrees vertically in front and behind you. The theater set up of having them closer together above my head is more or less what I have mimicked, and I’ve found that, that’s what sounds best. It gives you the most separation from the bed layer and places the sounds above you. The 30 degree angle is just not correct, I’ve tried it and it doesn’t sound good, you hardly even notice it.


We must have been looking different graphics? I was not even going to post them in earlier topic and was never going to if those are what you pointed?

There are pretty good ones that gives the general distances and angles. Just like in the latest video you posted and it’s a good with more information. Just like the good graphics that are available by searching.
Since each room is little different so are the placements (general locations and angles are usually ok). If they are placed and angled in “ball park” they usually good enough.
(some of the hifi-solutions and setups people use… well the location aint actually even a issue even if they miss here and there)

This is one reason why i like Auro Codec more since the speakers are placed in line with each other.
Angle them to listening area and only thing in sealing is “Voice of god” speaker or speakers. Placement with to listening area with enough separation to upper surround and gold.

We still bit confused since the topic was about a specific speakers THX-speaker and we talking “speaker placement”. Cheese next?
I separate Thread might a better place to continue.