Knowles files claim with US Trade Commission to ban Bellsing BA

For each of the following items, Knowles has imported one into the US, disassembled it and found it to contain at least one Bellsing BA product, therefore seeking a Cease & Desist against the company:

FiiO F9 Dynamic Hybrid Earphones
Fidue A73 Hybrid Monitor Earphones
InEarz Audio P300
MagicEar Personal Sound Amplifiers
Campfire Audio Solaris In-Ear Monitors
Clear Tune Monitors AS-7 In-Ear Monitors
Resound S-Receiver Tubing & Resound NP-Receiver Tubing
Jerry Harvey JH10X3 Pro In-Ear Monitors
glad didn’t purchase that campfire overprice iem lol


Those are some pretty big players. I wonder if anything is actually going to happen

this is some bellsing ba drivers cost
put it in a product make some fancy name voila.ez money

The cost of materials doesn’t necessarily add the value to a product. I already expect that with high end audio equipment that you are paying for the costs of labor, design, potential patents or exclusive technology, and general know how of a product.

If it sound’s the price to me, I don’t really care what’s in it

Edit: for an example look at buchardt audio S400, it costs under 300 for the materials, but retails for almost 2k. And that’s on the low end of markup. There are much higher markups out there. You don’t pay for the materials for audio, you pay for everything else that goes into making the product

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Tbh, i would rather spend my money on a trusted brand instead of knockoff BAs
and campire solaris with a price $1,499.00 uses knockoff BA hell naw

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I wasn’t necessarily inciting that I would buy a product if it was an unauthorized clone, was just trying to discuss the cost of materials vs the price to consumers.

Also was looking at picking up the Solaris, but probably not now lol. Shame, I kinda liked how that sounded

Also china gonna be china lol

Also, I bet a fair bit of these iem manufactures pretty much knew that these were clones of knowles.