Koss kph30i clear measurements

Does anyone have a decent measuring rig and both the original kph30i and the new clear one? Zeos says they sound slightly different because the foam on the back of the driver was removed. Can someone measure and compare them? Maybe the measurements already exsist but I couldn’t find any.

Hey, I have the original KPH30i, and I got the clear version coming in tomorrow. I also have in-ear binaural mics I sometimes use for DIY headphone measurements, but it’s inaccurate compared to good measurement rigs. But I am curious so that’s why I got the clear version. I can measure both tomorrow to compare them.


That’s great news! The inaccuracy doesn’t really matter because we’re comparing measurements from the same rig. Looking forward to seeing the graphs!

Ok, here’s my measurements of the two:

I don’t know if it’s the new pads causing this mids and bass difference, but the originals definitely sound warmer and more rolled off in the highs. The clear version sounds maybe just a tad brighter.

Ah I see so it’s mostly just differences below 1k. The foam on the back of the driver probably explains this. I’d say I prefer the clear version based on these measurements.

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Do you perchance own grado replacement pads that fit on the kph30i? There are no measurements available for that mod. I’m doubting if I should do the mod or not since I’m afraid the sound will become too muddy and congested.