Koss KSC35 Wireless

Marzipan pointed these out to me, pretty interesting


looks better built than 75’s

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50 dollars too, not too high

Looks Yaxi pads may not fit, sadly.

worth they try though but knowing yaxi they are probably on it and making one for it already

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LOLwhat? The way they have them twisted in the pictures makes them look like wires are meant to break in the first 10h of use. :laughing: At least if they had added some strain relief, but no. And I can’t tell if the wire is thicker than in previous models either. And the earhooks are classic blade-like KSC35 hooks that cut into your ears. At least they could’ve borrowed the superior earhook design from the 75.

The cable is meant to go behind your neck so placement is forgivable for the wireless. And you never know the earhooks could be better we just have to wait and see