Koss KSC75 or Monoprice Modern Retro (or something else?)

I decided to buy another pair of headphones as my current set-up doesn’t satisfy my needs.

I currently have a pair of Marshall Major II, the worst problem of which (sadly) isn’t the sound but the fact that they are extremely uncomfortable. I also have a pair of Tin T2’s that don’t fit me that well, but if I’m lucky I can get a good seal out of them.

However I can’t decide between the KSC75’s and the Monoprice Retros. My main needs are good sound (for the price) and for them to be very comfortable. I don’t care about portability or looks. I know that the sound profile of each is totally different from the other’s but that doesn’t bother me as I don’t have a strong preference. The price of those 2 is similar but I’m planning on buying earpads for either of these, Yaxi’s or Brainwavz.

If you have tried or know something more about those 2, or maybe have another better option, I’d like to hear your opinion. I have to mention that I’m in Europe so my options are more limited, keeping in mind the budget.

You can also consider the KPH30i and Porta Pro for cheap comfort with decent sound.

KSC75 can arguably be the most comfortable/non-intrustive because they use ear hooks instead of a headband. However, there are some people that just don’t like the hooks (think glasses but a bit more cumbersome) and they do slightly tug at your ears because, well, they still have a weight.

Porta Pro has temple cushions, so it spreads pressure among the top of your head, your temples, and your ears. 3 ear-pressure adjustments as well. With Yaxis, I set it to middle - for me, light puts too much pressure on the temple over long periods of time and firm is on the clampy side. In addition the metal, thin headband can be a bit annoying. I found the Porta Pro quite uncomfortable when I tried because of the unique way it spreads pressure, but now that I’ve had them for over 2 months, I can easily wear them all day without fatigue if I wanted.

I haven’t tried the KPH30i with Yaxis, but the silicone headband is top notch. The KTXPRO1 has a similar headband, and that is its only saving grace for comfort. Some people say the stock earpads cause discomfort for long-term usage, but I haven’t heard such complaints with Yaxis. Better headband than the Porta Pro and less clamp - imo KPH30i is the most comfortable of the Koss I’ve mentioned

In any case, if you buy a Koss, definitely get Yaxis. Stock pads are smaller than ear dimensions, but Yaxis can nearly cover the entire ear and thus spread pressure evenly. It’s like having two fluffy marshmallows on your ears.

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately the KPH30i are not available anywhere for a logical price, so if I have to go with Koss I’m limited to the other two. Do you think Yaxis are worth the 19$ each pair if I buy through Amazon or the 39$ for 5 pairs buying directly from Japan?

In the US, Yaxi pricing is $12 for a pair, $20 for two pairs, $40 for 5. Take it as you will, but Yaxi pads are much better than stock cushions.

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Might want to check into some different tips for the Tin’s that fit better. The quantity, and yes quality of low end that comes from Modern Retros for the price staggers me. With Brainwavz XL, obscene comfort. But, I’d call it a deep-V profile. Yaxis made my KPH30i comfortable, but on-ear is on-ear — not the most comfortable style for me. I’ve always been skeptical of the clip-ons for me, not sure if buying a band is possible for you. I just can’t imagine if comfort is the top priority that it’s the champ.

Some folks hate the Modern Retro, but at its price and listening to the right genre, it puts a smile on me face. A pad swap really helps comfort, sonics also. Not hard to power.

Knowing what you like to listen to, prioritize and power these with would be helpful.

Is Phillips SHP9500 possible where you are for budget?

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I think I’ll go with the Modern Retros judging by the reviews, as the seem to match my needs better for the time being. I need something easy to drive with “big” sound that is “fun” and not fatiguing.

Also, SHP9500s are rarely seen here at a price similar to that in the US. Buying from the UK Amazon would cost more than 150$.

The nice thing is that they are inexpensive enough so that I can try both down the road, without taking a big hit in my wallet.

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In time if there’s a KPH30i that I can get, I wouldn’t mind modding it by replacing its stock pads with Yaxi pads.

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i love my modern retro’s. they are very fun. not critical or precise really at all. but damn you get clean, fun, and engaging sound for the price. the setup for under 50$ US with the pad swap is unbeatable.

and they are very comfortable.

edit: if you have very large ears like me, get the xxl pads instead of the xl pads from brainwaves

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It’s really a dilemma, but I actually think that with my current set-up and a pair of Yincrow X6 waiting to arrive, I’d be better off with Modern Retros.

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also check out some of the Anker offerings. they have some very good offerings below 30$ that often go on sale for under 20$. no one ever talks about anker, but they really have solid audio for cheap audio.


i use these at work, got them on a sale for 16$. maybe the best 16$ i have spent in audio. they sound great for 16 bucks.

So, a little update. After a month of waiting, my KSC75s finally arrived. I settled on them as the clip on style really appealed to me. For the price I really couldn’t ask for more. The sound is amazing, and with some EQing the bass is very decent.

My only issue is the cable, but I can live with it. I plan to rewire them down the road but for the time being, I’m more than satisfied.

Would definitely recommend them.

They scale really well believe it or not, and if the clips start to bother you, you can put the ksc75 drivers on the portapro headband with no modification.

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If I ever mod them, I’ll probably go with some yaxi pads and a parts express band. But I really like them now, so I can’t justify spending more on them.

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yaxi pads are a great addition

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Glad you like the KSC75.

I got another set yesterday and had a nice long listen. Personally really love the clips, because I can actually scratch my head without accidentally knocking a headband out of place. :^)

Also great for falling asleep with, although I probably will crush them in doing so one day.

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Also, no more headband hair. Can’t deny that this was one of the reasons I bought them.

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