Koss vs. Koss - which to get?

from the way Z reacted to both, I can’t which is better, the KPH30i’s or PortaPro’s. :joy:

I know I should get both…but right now I don’t think I can afford both at the same time (bills suck) right now…and if I had money, I’d get the HD58x. I did buy those, but my CC screwed up and didn’t process and now I’m too broke to get em. :disappointed_relieved:

also, I know there are better ear pads for the PortaPro’s…got some from Brazil for my KSC75’s, but is there anything for the KPH30i’s? :face_with_monocle:

I actually prefer the kph30i because of the headband design and slightly more balanced sound vs the portapros very warm sound

Yaxi pads are pretty great for koss stuff, but I don’t know if they make it for the kph30i


interesting…according to Yaxi’s website, the pads for the PortaPro’s will also work on the KPH30i’s. I guess the loose weave of the foam allows them to deform and accommodate the odd shape they have. LoL!


I’d get the KPH30i. It’s closer to the more neutral sound signature you’d get on the 58x, so that when you can afford them, you could call it a direct upgrade. That said, I prefer the warm sound of the Porta Pro, but everything else about the build of them is trash. You basically have to fiddle around with them everytime you want to put them on, because the headband always retracts and will never stay where you need them. The KPH30i also feels and looks less cheap than the Porta Pro in comparison, so you’d feel like they were a better value for your money.


Not to mention the portapro headband sometimes gets caught in my hair and is super uncomfortable

being as bald as I am…not a big worry anymore, LoL!


Bored at work…

Should I order the KPH30i or KSC75?

If you like a brighter pair, the ksc75. If you like a more meaty pair the kph30i

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So both it is then !

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Well there you go lol

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Can’t seem to find them locally and online seems like a huge price increase, $40 for the ksc75 bundled with some random foam and no kph30i to be found anywhere.
Going to visit Japan next year, wonder if the popular physical stores there have them near the srp?

Also looking for genuine Sony MH755/750 so hoping to get them there as well? I’ve returned multiple counterfeit of those.