KPH30 3d printed retro walkman cups mod

//sorry originally posted into wrong thread somehow.
I got the yaxi pads, and broke my KPH30 while disassembling, so 3d printing for the rescue.
After about 15 tweaks i got to result i like:

Love the pads, using stock cable and dampening foam.

The driver is tight fit, i only taped over the holes that were glued in the stock cups. Also the angled plug:

The changes in sound are mostly due to the pads, and i probably ended up with more rear port surface, i taped some of the ports.
The hinge is angled as the original, and i added chamfer to the spacers so it pivots with less force.
Printed with PETG cause i have tons of it, might do painted PLA later.

One unexpected problem is that i can hear a bit more wind whistling when i’m running and there’s nothing playing. Stock cups have a lot less whistling.

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Update: i’ve used the stock koss pads for dampening inside the cups + slightly more port surface. Seriously loving the result!
Gonna try this funkier shape when i have more time:

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