KPH30i - 3,5mm removable 3,5mm cable and Grado mod

I designed and printed an addon for the original cups so the 3,5mm connector could be housed in it and it would protrude through the Grado foam pads.
It actually “clicks” together but I used a small amount of double-sided tape to be sure.
I also removed the “back” foam inside the cups and I must say that they sound better in my opinion.
3,5mm connectors are a 3 pole design but I cut off the ground pin and soldered only the L and R to the driver.
The wire is a 2 pole design wire from aliexpress… Actually, the connectors and the pads are also from aliexpress.

The 3d printed addon just clicks to the cup

The flat spot on the cylindric connector extension is there because I print the parts directly on the build plate so it prints faster and so I don’t need to clean up the supports

The middle pin is removed because you don’t need ground and when you solder the wires to the negative and positive pins the connector is inserted in the 3d printed addon. It also just clicks in place so no glue needed.

The hole on the pads is made with sharpened pen body


well done! very clean!

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Awesome work and great first post! Welcome to HFGF!

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That looks so good, do you plan to release the 3D printing design?


Thank you. I will upload the 3D files later today and post the link here.
I did some other designs and maybe I will bundle everything together.

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Thanks a lot haha, really wanna do the mod myself in a neater way

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Here are the print files, so everybody who wants to do the mod can try it.
My advice, be more patient than I was when punching out the holes in the pads :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much. When I get more time later in the month I’m gonna order the 3D printing. Is there a way to make it work with Yaxi pads as well?

It can be modified but for that, I would need the yaxi pads so I can measure them and do some test prints.
Also, I designed the parts for a resin printer with the cheapest resin in mind, so the dimensions could differ when printed on another printer with another resin or filament.

I printed them with an Elegoo Saturn and basic Anycubic resin.

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Lemme just PM u