KPH30i Mod Questions

firstly…can the KPH30i be upgraded to balanced wiring? I know you can mod it for detachable cables, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything said about balanced. of course, I do get that pushing that much power through them may not be healthy.

secondly, does anyone here know of anyone that would do the detachable cable mod for me? of course, they would be remunerated for their services.

I think my next headphone is going to be the KPH30i with he ear pad mod and I’d really like a quality cable as I’ll use these at night and I’m a bit of a toss n turner.

Upgrading to a detachable cable with a balanced connector for the amp makes it balanced. The attached cable is only single ended because it uses a 3.5mm connector. So you could just cut off the connector and solder on a 2.5mm, XLR or whatever you want and it would be balanced (though obviously not detachable).

I’m balanced modding a ksc75 for fun next week when the parts arrive. I’ll let you know how they sound.

Balance Modded KSC75 have way more bass. They even manage to have sub bass. I’m glad I didn’t bother to do the other mods yet.

I think the only mod that I can think about that I can do with them, would be the pad replacement with Yaxi pads. Also the usual modding of making it detachable via MMCX or 2pin.