Kron’s Denon D2000 modding journey

Recently I got myself a pair of Denon D2000, and instantly I knew that I had a pair of headphones that I was gonna really enjoy. The only issues that I really have with it is that it has an attached cable, can’t accept wood cups like other Foster driver headphones and the headband system is uncomfortable for me with heavier cups (my Lawton E-MU’s are really uncomfortable for more than an hour).

So I decided that I would modify them to fit my requirements, and since I can’t seem to find much online about the mods that I am wanting to do, I decided to document the journey here.

Here is what the D2000 looks like stock (incase you don’t know what they look like) along side my Fostex T60s


The back of the driver for my E-MUs looks like this to be able to accept wood cups


In comparison, the D2000 drivers have plastic pegs that rise from the driver housing

I then de-soldered the cable from the drivers in order to make the modifications easier


The pegs need to be cut off and filed down to size, I also had to file down around the inner circular edge as the edge was too wide for the cups.

Left is after modification, right is stock for comparison

The drivers can then be re-soldered with the cables, and then put back into the housing where you can put the new cups in place

Here is my D2000 with E-MU bamboo cups

And with the Lawton Level 5 cups installed along side my Level 4 Purpleheart E-MUs


Next task is to tackle doing a detachable cable mod, I did try during the cups mod to be able to do it then but unfortunately the housing for the D2000 is too small for the dual entry 2.5mm connectors that I wanted to use. So the other option is to either do the mod with mmcx connectors or something else that is small, or to change the housing.

Changing the housing is something that I was looking at doing anyway as I am wanting to replace the headband with a Hifiman headband or something similar, something like this:

I’ll be looking into getting the housing printed at some point soon, although I will need to source a headband around the same time. But hopefully that should allow for a bit of space to do a detachable 2.5mm mod as I’d like to try and unify my headphone cables a bit.