KSC-75 modding question

I’m interested in modding my KSC-75’s by putting an MMCX connector on them, but I’m having some trouble finding resources for the correct connectors. There appears to be 3 or four different MMCX connectors, and only one seems to fit in the housing, but I haven’t found the information on which one and where to order them.

Has anyone here done it or have a link to a decent guide on it? Thanks in advance.

No real information for you other than good luck! I wish I had the motivation to attempt such a mod.

However, if I could do this mod right now (tools and all) I’d probably cut the wire a bit below the headphone and attach the MMCX connector there, so there would be a bit of original wire cable. That way I could make sure I did everything correctly before attempting to modify the housing.

I’ve modded a bunch of them but I didn’t hide the connector inside of the shell, instead I used ones with a barrel.

This requires a bit of sanding and cutting but imo looks and works better.


I hadn’t seen any like quite like that before. I’ve seen some with the connector fully embedded, and I’ve seen some with an inch or so of stock cables, with the connectors installed there. I really didn’t want to go with the latter, but what you’ve done looks great. Do you have a link to the source for those connectors? Thank you.


There you go :slight_smile:

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The only things i’ve done to mine are change out the cable and putting YAXI pads on. Not really sure if adding an mmcx connector is really worth it for me, but I am considereing wiring these for balanced.

Try this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3378059