KSC75 vs Samson SR850

I’ve planned to get my first audiophile headphone by going for something cheap under 50$. The two headphones I’m considering are the Samson SR850 or the KSC75. Other options like the porta pros or the kph30is are overpriced in my country. I’m looking for good resolution and open sound, I don’t care about bass all that much, but I would love some rich mids for my orchestral music. I play competitive games too so good imaging would be nice as well. Let me know what i should get and/ or recommend me some other options! Thanks!

I like my KSC75, but i can’t really compare to the SR850 as i have not heard that one. What i can say though, is that the KSC75 ear mount is a bit of an acquired taste. I was Ok with it, but i ordered a headband from parts express (look in this thread : 🔶 Koss KSC-75 / X ) to use them as an ordinary headphone. Was quite cheap and for me the comfort was instantly better.

Also, i did change the pads for Yaxi ones for better comfort and a bit better midrange and bass, but with both mods i fear the budget might be breached :slight_smile:

I’ve been using a REALLY cheap pair of ‘gaming’ headphones for the past 3 years so I don’t think I’ll be complaining about a clip being a little uncomfortable, especially if it provides superior sound haha
as for the pads, they cost half of what the headphones cost here so I might not get that asap.