KVM switch / USB hub effect on sound?

Does it matter at all? I am not into the snake oil 500 bucks hubs, but is there something you need to take into account when looking for a more “normal” option?

Would connecting my SMSL SU9 to something like this be detrimental for audio quality? https://www.amazon.com/UGREEN-Schakelaar-Printers-Scanners-Toetsenborden/dp/B01MXXQKGM

I use that exact same one and can’t tell a difference. I do have tinnitus and definitely no golden ear, but think it works very well

thnx for the reply, good to know. No issues with connection dropouts either?

None at all. The faintest of a clicking noise switching between inputs, but nothing that you need to remove headphones for at all

have you got a keyboard and mouse connected as well? Or only your DAC?

Read some reviews on amazon that connecting too many devices can cause problems…

I have my computer and ipad connected to the inputs. my Jnog dac and ifi hip dac connected to outputs. So 2 in and 2 out

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I have my Element II connected to a Orico USB 3.0 Hub and I don’t see much difference. What occasionally happens is the HUB change the PORT number assigned to each USB port. If you made special configurations, like locking the windows mixer at a specific frequency/bandwidth or changing the name, this would appear to be “lost”. It’s not, just you need to mach the port and device again and the configurations carry over.

The TLDR is, you should be fine especially if you’re not concerned with things like fixing Windows frequency/depth output.

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Yeah it works like a charm so far. Haven’t noticed any problems. Even exclusive mode in Qobuz works perfectly (the Dac shows the sample frequency the song has)