KZ AZ09 vs TRN BT20S Pro vs Fiio UTWS5/3

So. Very simple. I have a few IEM’s I really fucking love… But i’m tired of the cable. I find myself leaning more towards my kinda crappy CX6’s than my beautiful BLON’s or FH3’s just because of that cable.
So I wanna go wireless but I’m kinda unsure of what to pick…

There seem to be three choices. Cheap and chinese, not cheap and chinese and expensive and still chinese :stuck_out_tongue: (nothing against chinese products. Rocking Hifiman Sundara’s as my daily!)


First question is obviously, does anyone have experience with any of these? Or even better with two or all three?

Second question. bluetooth 5.0 vs 5.2. Do I care? Should I care? A quick google tells me I shouldn’t? But I’m no expert!

Third question. Supported Audiocodecs… I don’t know anything at all about this and am just looking that is compatible with my current iPhone 12 and will also be compatible with android devices (first and probably last iphone so wanna have android compatibility).

Any other adivce or alternatives definitly welcomed!

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