KZ AZ09 vs TRN BT20S Pro vs Fiio UTWS5/3

So. Very simple. I have a few IEM’s I really fucking love… But i’m tired of the cable. I find myself leaning more towards my kinda crappy CX6’s than my beautiful BLON’s or FH3’s just because of that cable.
So I wanna go wireless but I’m kinda unsure of what to pick…

There seem to be three choices. Cheap and chinese, not cheap and chinese and expensive and still chinese :stuck_out_tongue: (nothing against chinese products. Rocking Hifiman Sundara’s as my daily!)


First question is obviously, does anyone have experience with any of these? Or even better with two or all three?

Second question. bluetooth 5.0 vs 5.2. Do I care? Should I care? A quick google tells me I shouldn’t? But I’m no expert!

Third question. Supported Audiocodecs… I don’t know anything at all about this and am just looking that is compatible with my current iPhone 12 and will also be compatible with android devices (first and probably last iphone so wanna have android compatibility).

Any other adivce or alternatives definitly welcomed!


Did you find your answer? I have same question…

No. I did not :stuck_out_tongue:
Got impatient and just decuded to trust the brand that in my country had a 30-day return policy :wink:

UTWS3 with the FH3 (left) and Tin T2 (right)

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great! How do they sound? Can you confirm me that they automatically switch ON/OFF when you place/takeout them from the case?

I can confirm that they very aggrssively connect to anythign in your neighborhood as soon as you crack open the case bahahaha

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Just got the AZ09. They work well, except they seem to have a crazy high noise floor.

Eh, so do the UTWS3 tbh. There’s a pretty clear hiss when there’s a silent part in the music/movie. In my experience it’s a bit of a bluetooth thing. I find very very few bleutooth devices to not hiss

Ya same with the BT20S, to be fair its to be expected when cramming that much into such a small unit

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Yup. Though I’ll eb honest, I’m using my UTS like ALL THE TIME since I got them so can’t be that bad xD

I just got the UTWS3 and I don’t notice a hiss at least so far.

What IEM’s?

KZ DQ6, same ones I tried with the AZ09.

If you have any, try some IEM’s with BA units. I notice it a lot more on my hybrids than on my pure DD’s.
it’s probably a sensitivity thing? But I’m no expert so I don’t knwo what IEM is or isn’t sensitive.

Actually, I just listened to it again, and there is a small noise floor. It’s just nothing compared to the AZ09 which was really distracting, here I don’t really notice it when music is playing.

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Oh no 100% agreed. When somethign is playing I can’t hear it.
It’s only when it’s deadquiet (between songs, hard break in the song or eery silence in a movie) where I hear it

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I recall getting some hiss with them connected to my BTR5 , so I need to test them more in this pairing. Now that I think of it, it might be the cable that is the issue in that setup, making the testing even more important. I should pull the cable off my ZS10 Pro, since it is a known good cable.

I have had a pretty good time video gaming with the KZ ZEX on the KZ AZ09. I tend to use them for video gaming more than anything else, since the KZ AZ09 is paired to my gaming laptop.