KZ ZAX Upgrade..?

So I am really enjoying these puppies, and like them overall more than the majority of my collection(currently my #1 for music, as of Feb 22/2021). Everything sounds nearby, and it’s easy to hear everything in the music. Nothing is distant. Stuff just sounds nice, and these are the kind of IEMs you can “just listen to the music” with and enjoy, even with the minor sound imperfections they have. Speaking of witch :broom:, any ideas on what IEM(s) could/would be a high-end ZAX…? I’ve been looking at graphs for a match, but I’m not even sure what makes sounds in ZAX sound “up front” the way they do. I think this is a unique IEM sound/tuning/combo to me, so far, though it reminds me of certain headphones a lot. My only critiques of ZAX are that the treble is just a tiny, tiny bit shrill(barely notice it), and the bass is obviously struggling to evolve into a better version of itself. =p

YBF graphs closely, but sounds distinctly more ‘distant’, and a bit colder & metallic.

Kanas Pro is also close, but sounds quite boring/dull, and more distant, compared to ZAX.

How bout that Mini MEST? 0_0

Already have: AS10, ATE, ZSN Pro, RE400, DQ6, CKX, Penon Orb & Fan, FH3, FD5, A7, EA1, YBF, BLON 03, TC-01, DM8, Tape Pro, Bonus IE, L3, Kanas Pro, T3, KB Believe, A4000, Crescent, VK4, (got rid of H40, 1More Triple).

(Also, if you know how to do the mod for these, I wanna hear about it! :nerd_face:)

Hi, I also ordered a zax for myself. Tell me, is there any headphones with better sound under $ 150? Do the Zaks have more bass in terms of quantity and depth than fh3?

Well, congratulations on your purchase! These are my current fav IEMs for music, and I’m sure the Audio Gods will likewise bless you and your copy of ZAX. ^ ^

I would definitely say “no” to your first question. There might not be a headphone under $500 that sounds as good. I’m really not very impressed by sub-$500 headphones yet. HE-400i might be nice, though. I do like HD660(pretty well) and DT880(moderately), but HD660 isn’t worth full price and 880 is quite dry and not so comfortable. For headphones, I wouldn’t try anything less than a GL2000 or Stax L300. $150 won’t get you anywhere with headphones, if you ask me. :\

KZ ZAX vs FH3:
FH3 has a little higher bass amount, probably more extension, and better definition/texture. Do I notice bass lacking on ZAX? Not at all! I think it’s really great, actually. An ideal amount and quality, perfectly blended with the mids and treble to provide the excellent balance that ZAX does. This is the first time I’ve been able to compare these 2, and this is another easy win for ZAX. FH3 treble is just too aggressive/sharp/emphasized and peaky. FH3 is technically pretty good, but not as natural and smooth/organic/pleasant/breathable/spacious/detailed/separated/vivid/realistic as ZAX. The reign of FH3 ends here → X <-. I’m not even sure I can find a single song that sounds better on FH3 than ZAX. Even the bass guitar solos of Rob Martino, the dark chiptune speed metal of Master Boot Record, or the deep, heavy slams of Korn, I’m taking ZAX all day. Those deep sub hits sound fine/great to me on ZAX.

From your collection, I would’ve thought you already have a solution in hand: the FiiO FH3

Another contender for me is the Dunu DK-2001

I did like FH3 for a good while. It definitely has excellent bass and pretty good mids, though also sore treble and a bit off from natural sounding. FH3 only stays in my ears well with foam tips, so ZAX wins there as well. Haven’t heard any Dunu yet.

The DK2001 is discontinued now. So if anyone wants it they better buy it fast from resellers that might still have it in stock.

I like ZAX more than all my other IEMs(for music). What is happening :frowning: Journey-ending IEMs for $69. I can’t be dreaming, because I’m terrible at sleep.

Takes ZAX with me, into the eternal whirlpool of music, never to return…

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Thank you, I’m happy that I didn’t spend money on a more expensive option :wink:

I picked up a top cable for these bad boys. They deserve it.

I immediately ordered a balanced cable, it’s on its way. A guy from China makes custom cables, sells them on Ali (XINHS). I also ordered fiio btr3k, it is also on the way :slight_smile:

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I’m not a believer in balanced > SE, but for the ZAX…? Do it ^ ^

Also, my cable is prettier. I win :blush: Which color ZAX did you order? I went for black, to see inside better, but I want a cyan! :blue_heart:

what abushes do you use with zax?

Abushes? Did you mean amp? xD I use JDS ATOM for everything, if that’s what you meant haha. :slight_smile:

Send my zax. Dptal and airy sound with wide stage. Unfortunately, there is little bottom bass and bass depth. Some of the tracks in my library sound impressive. It looks like my search continues :slight_smile: Now I ask myself a question: order it00 a second time or try fh3? Where do you think fh3 vs it00 vs kz zax will be the largest amount of low bass 20-40 hz?

i meant tips

strange but some zax users talk about their outstanding bass, maybe different samples sound different?

I definitely like ZAX over FH3, for sound and fit. I think the ZAX bass takes some time to puff up. I didn’t do a burn-in on mine yet, so they only have about 10-15 hours of listening time so far.

No idea about it00. If you have a lot of bass-heavy content, and need the most texture and extension, FH3 will be great for that, since bass is its strength(though I like ZAX bass perfectly fine). Or you could step up higher, and try FD5. It’s pretty insane… If you value bass, spaciousness and depth/imaging.

Oh, tips I use Tin T2 foams so far.

For real, I bought some KZ zsn pros for $14 and it totally changed my perspective on earbuds vs over-ear headphones. Than I got the KZ zax for $60, it wasn’t that much of an upgrade though there is more detail and better bass. And now I’ve been buying headphones around the same price and returning them cuz they don’t sound anywhere as good as the iems. crazy.

Haha, yeah… The magic of headphones has pretty much been lost for me, over the last handful of years. You have to pay so much to get sound that’s actually great, and I don’t even know what headphones those are. :\ I know which ones don’t sound great to me, though. I see ZSN Pro as a ZAX Jr.

So, the answer to my original question isKZ ZAS, or 7Hz Timeless. :+1: Big bass VS big transparency. Absolutely love both of them.

Sorry to open up an old topic, I’m currently completely in love with my Zax and was wondering if the Zar is a noticable upgrade over the Zax, are the Blessing 2 Dusk
and Timeless 7hz a significant improvement over the Zax. Like after switching to the Blessing 2 Dusk will my mind be blown since it cost over 4 times the price?