KZ ZS 10 PROs, hissing even with vol. knob at 0

Got my KZs, they sound great but I get a constant hissing even with the volume knob all the way to the left, is my pair defect? I’m using it with a Aune X1S. No such hissing or static with headphones, only my Sennheiser Momentum IEMs but only audible at like unlistenable loudness settings like 1 o’clock.
Is it because of the impedance?

Someone explain this to a audio-newb like me.


It might be because that most iems are more sensitive to hiss because of their higher sensitivity and lower impedance, allowing you to hear an audible hiss with some amps with a decent amount of power or poor construction

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It’s you again, always here to help I see, maybe, they don’t hiss whilest using them on my phone, low or max loudness.

It’s probably because your phone puts out much less power and the amp inside the phone was most likely designed to be used with low impedance high sensitivity devices like easy to drive headphones and earbuds

The aune x1s also has a fairly high output impedance, and while that won’t really effect many headphones, it can be not ideal for iems. The aune really wasn’t made for use with iems

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It’s definitely sensitivity, get something like a UE noise buffer or ifi iematch to resolve the issue, if using the iems with your x1s is absolutely necessary.

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The iematch is great, works really well with more sensitive iems

Yeah they’re sensitive. I can sometimes “hear what my smartphone does” with these. Lol.

As in like coil whine, electrical noise, or interference?

Something like electrical noise, probably. I definitely don’t hear it often, and the music definitely needs to be off to hear it. Really subtle.

I used to have computers with noisy mechanical hard drives, so I’m used to “hearing things” when a computer is busy. One day I was just browsing the web and as I was scrolling down the page, I heard this noise. Then I’m like… Wait, my smartphone doesn’t have a mechanical hard drive! Lol.

Really impressed by my ZS10 Pros. :slight_smile:

Yeah, they are a treat for the price, I’m really enjoing them on my phone as of now for listening to drum and bass and tech house, they are punchy in such a good way. Definitely keeping them and buying a ifi iematch to use them on my aune, it will come in handy later on for something like the oh10s I bet.

Wondering if impedance adapters could do the job… at least it would cold less than the KZs… ?

Or this, yup.

And this wasn’t 20 characters.