KZ ZS10 PRO Balanced 2.5 Cable?

Any recommendations?

This one is pretty good and is reasonably priced. Have it for oh10’s

Thank you, anyone use this one

If you want to order from Aliexpress then NiceHCK has some nice cables and their seller is quite helpful

So I tried the hifihear cable and it’s fantastic. Very high quality weave and super super soft and supple.

Also the 2.5 balanced output of the Fiio M9 sounds VERY different to me using this cable. Is it possible the difference is solely from being balanced, or is the Fiio just sounding better through that particular output?

Fiio probably put more care into their balanced output, and balanced on iems does help so I wouldn’t be surprised

I heard bad guy good audio reviews mention something about the Fiio daps only using “half the circuit”. Idk what that’s about, but it certainly does sound way different. I was running the KZ ZS10 Pro on high gain before and that seemed to sound better, now I had to turn them back to low and still not sure I like how much more the highs have been brought out on the balanced output / cable. Still getting used to it.

I can’t stress how nice this cable is compared to the stock one lol. Aluminum bits everywhere and so soft, thick and just quality all around. So far so good