KZ ZSX compared to Shure SE215

Hey! I just got the Kz zsx. For those owners of the shure se215, just for comparison sake, I would like to know which is the best soundwise? (forget isolation, weight) Thanks!

I think technicality wise the zsx bests the 215, with more detail, more clarity, better soundstage and imaging (although the se215 tends to be wider). The se215 is going for a warmer more laid back sound with good tone, where the zsx is more intimate and aggressive. Personally for sound I would prefer the kz unless I wanted something warmer and was willing to sacrifice technicalities.

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But the SE215 is apparently indestructible lol

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I have washed my 315 more times than I can count, an absolute tank with great isolation and fit. Although the clear cable turns green after awhile lol

Haha that comforts me knowing I did well in choosing the zsx. Plus they’re cheaper.

The Shure SE series is just older, still solid, but chi fi has really offered better sound performance for the price tbh. I kinda wished they would revamp it to bring it up to modern standards for the price

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hey M0N, just wondering, does the blon 03 bests the zsx?

Hmm, I think that’s more preference. I think the tuning on the 03 is more refined to me, but I think the zsx has more detail. Also the zsx is a bit better out of the box as the cable, tips, and fit are pretty decent, while I think the blon needs a new cable and new tips out of the box. I would say it’s a tossup based on preference

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I agree with M0N on this comparison. I bought the ZSX first as my entry to chi-fi, then heard the hype around the BLON and got them on sale through Aliexpress. I liked the look / build / fit of the ZSX better out of the box, but my sound preference was definitely the 03’s. I liked their warmer, more relaxed presentation. So I got some foam tips and a new cable for the BLON and sold the ZSX (after I had upgraded the cable, tips, and found a matching KZ zipper case to tie it all together. Somebody on Reddit got a nice setup. :upside_down_face:).

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They’re definitely not. After using mine for 5 years, they’re starting to break down behind the foam tips. Though this might also be because I have no clue how to properly maintain iems well…

Regarding the SE215. I have a pair in my drawer but barley use them. Even though I do like there timber I find them to warm an bass heavy.
Are there any recommendations for eartips that might lower the bass?

Wide bore tips usually do that.

JVC spiral dots/++
Azla Sedna

are some examples. Although you could use the free method, called EQ :joy:


thank for the response! Do you know if they fit on the Se215? There thingy on the front that holds the tips (i forgot what its called in English) is quit long and thin.

The problem with EQ for me is what it isn’t available everywhere (iOS Tidal App for example doesn’t support EQ).

The “nozzle”. I dont have the SE215 so dont know if it will fit, most iems I have do though.

Oh If you are on IOS I have no idea what apps are available. I use the Neutron player which seems to be available on IOS, but it is for local files and not streaming like tidal/spotify).

Nozzle :man_facepalming:

I had something like that on the tip of my tongue but couldn’t find anything when searching for „nosel“ :laughing: to confirm I had the right word in my mind.

I have to say, after discovering the world of cheap IEMs like the Tin T2s, KZ ZS10 Pro and especially the BLON BL03. As an owner of the Shure SE215s all I have to say that those cheap IEMs that I have mentioned and also own kicks the ass of the SE215s in terms of sounds and value.

So yeah probably that the KZ ZSX Pro beats the SE215 sound-wise though I think the SE215 still excels in noise isolation for I have used them and man when you want for everyone to shut the hell up and just be with yourself all the time, the SE215 do a good job of it. But I’ll take the cheap IEMs I own over the SE215s all day.

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