KZ ZSX Discussion/Now Available ~60$

Yo, I seen on r/headphones a couple months ago where they mentioned the ZSX coming soon. TADA:

I picked one up and will be waiting for it/will update when it arrives. Looks like it could be the ZS10 Pro upgrade with an even more ergonomic design. Also looking at their example graph it looks similar to the OH10 so hoping its good.

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Not bad, glad I picked it up! :smiley: Upper treble is my jam.

I just got mine. 1st impression are pretty good.

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Nice mine are supposedly in Chicago waiting shipment down, but thats been days… :frowning:

Ordered and waiting.:expressionless:

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You ordered directly from Linsoul? How long did you have to wait for?

Also, any more impressions out there? I ordered these yesterday over the KZ ZS10 PRO but I’m scared they’ll be too sharp

I got mine from Amazon. The treble doesn’t bother me. I think they’re a little tinny, but my only comparison is the ikko oh10. I’m more of a headphone person. Probably the Knowles driver in the ikko makes the difference as far as sounding more natural. The Kz has good tight, extended bass. The mids don’t sound very recessed, and the treble is well extended. The stage is small, and the imaging is good. It’s a fun listen for $50. I’m going to check out the Trn V90 next. It’s $50 and getting good reviews.


Just got mine in as well, yea I can notice the timbre only once in a while, slightly tinny as you mentioned. I think its track mastery dependent. It’s well done overall for the cost. I’m super hopeful for future Chi-fi advancements if this is the result of those that drive the low end of that market. Comfort and fit have been my issues, but my ears are really demanding in that regard.
My Sound impression is the same, but I notice in my bass test it doesn’t perform as good as the OH10. I will say the bass sounds natural and full, like not in the way etc. Its slightly sibilant, but the drivers are fast enough that it doesn’t hurt like a ringing sibilance would be. I agree with your mids and highs impression as well. I want to say they are more detailed that the OH10, but thats because its a much more intense listen and its shoving detail in your face for sure. So I could be huffing farts or something on that, but for resolution outside of bass I think this is on par or a touch better. Now to see about tips lololol…

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Update to my earlier post:: I’m giving my ZSX away. Their bulk is too much for my ears, I do like the sound but its flawed timbre just messes with me on top of fit issues. I do recommend this headphone for those looking for a cheap intense listen, but I have now found that I do prefer the Guideray GR-i.

I just got the KZ ZS10 Pro. How do the KZ ZSX measure up? are they a upgrade? i still have time to take them back and get the KZ ZSX if their better.

My understanding was the KZ ZS10 Pro are the best IEMs for 50$ The KZ ZSX is selling for 44$ on Massdrop

They’re really, really similar apparently. Just more treble with the ZSX (high-treble, “air”).
Otherwise I don’t have the ZSX so I don’t know about soundstage, depth, detail retrieval etc.

now that’s an answer! lol thanks Dechaine. yeah i thought it was just massdrops verson of the kz ks10pro.

Just curious, how are the ZSX are different to the ZS10 Pros sound wise? I mean I just got my KZ ZS10 Pros this week and now this one comes up to my feed and some saying it is a KZ ZS10 Pro Killer. Care to give me so info? Thank you.

I haven’t heard the ZS10 Pros but I have the ZSX and I’m absolutely in love. My previous IEMs were the T2s so I only have that to compare, but they’re definitely more aggressive, better bass and better imaging.

I’d actually agree with the Bad Guy Good Audio’s review of them, except on the point where he says they’re really fatiguing. I get where he’s coming from, and it was like that for me, but you get used to it quite quickly. In my experience - and I’ve been listening to them for 3-4 hours every day for almost a month now - they’re only fatiguing when you max out the volume. The drawback is that you’ll WANT to max out the volume because of the insane amount of detail you get :smiley:

I’d definitely buy them in an instant. I AM pretty butthurt that I bought them like a day before Blon 03 exploded all over the forums so I’m kinda itching to hear what can be better than this, but TL;DR, they’re comfortable, they sound great and they’re amazing value.

Man because of that, I am having an urge right now to buy these but I am trying to resist as much as I can like oof. Damn me for my audiophile urges and dammit Zeos for making me buy the ZS10s when I got the T2s xD

I would say if you already have the 10 pro, the ZSX isn’t worth buying. The ZSX is more aggressive, and that’s pretty much the main difference. There is a difference in soundstage but not enough to justify buying the ZSX if you have the 10 pro

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