KZ ZSX Upgrade ~100$

Hey everyone,
I need do ask for your advice again!

So I just found out how amazing IEMs can be.
I’ve got the ZSX with I like a lot for their sound (awesome base, nice stage & image, treble usally not to sharp and very clear and detailed). Therefore I also like them more than Blon Bl-03 (More clearty & more depth).

I am willing to pay ~100$ for any good IEM that could fit my likes. Is there something at about 100$ that would be an worthy upgrade to the ZSX that I tried or are they just so good in the pricerange that its best to simply go for them?

Kind Regards!

Hey! I have the kz zsx too. Like them! The recommendation will depend on what kind of sound signature you like.

Also I think “worthy upgrade” would be totally based on your opinion only. You are the one who decides if it’s worthy or not.

PS I like mids. So i’ve kinda been recommended moondrop starfields. They look beautiful btw. If you’ve got more money as like $250, you might look at drop x jvc ha fdx1.

I like the ZSX signature somehow :slight_smile: slight base boost, balanced over all, detailed and spacey

@M0N would the starfields be good for him?

You could give the new URBANFUN YBF-ISS014 a try if you like a bass boost but balanced over all sig.

I think it could be, but it depends, admittedly there are so many good options in the market lol

I’m not sure, they probably sound very different. Comparing a hybrid with a single DD. Not saying the starfield dont sound good, they probably do. But idk if I would consider it a ZSX upgrade. Maybe the Moondrop Blessing 2? I need to look more into those. I’m on the search for a really good hybrid. Obviously the Z1R is probably a great hybrid upgrade but you need to sell your kidney to buy it

Moondrop Starfield
tin HiFi T4
Shozy form 1.1
KBear Diamond