La figaro 339i tube

Massdrop has this unit up for sale. Looks intriguing. Anyone know anything about the sound of this absolute unit?

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Looks like a dv on steroids :muscle:

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interesting the right / left channel controls as well.

The Figaro 336 is the Dark Voice, there was a 337 and 339 in addition to the 339i.
They don’t seem to be generally available.
My only concern looking at it is the fact it looks a lot like 2 Dark Voices stuck together down to separate PSU’s and even power cables on the back, and volume controls on the front.
Theoretically if they use both halves of the output Triodes, it should be able to provide half the output impedance of a Dark Voice, which would be a win.

Ah fuck it. I bought it.


hows does it sound? @juicebox12

I think previous drop before the current one had an issue between the supplier and drop, so orders were canceled and refunded.

It looks like somebody…
( •_•)>⌐■-■
Dropped the ball with this order