La Figero or Liquid Platinum based on my headphones?

Which would be a better pick for the Headphones I own?

Sendy Aiva
Aeon OpenX
Hifiman Ananda

Or is there something else in the 600 usd price bracket i should be looking at?

For those headphones imo def the liquid plat. I would suggest you stick with a hybrid with all the planar you have imo


Perfect. Going to try to cancel my lafigaro order and buy the platinum. The next set of cans i might buy are the meze empyrian

Any tube suggestions for it? Im not opposed to trying some other tubes if it makes it even nicer.

I have heard some nicer tubes on one and it does improve the sound, but I can’t give you any suggestions here personally

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Awesome guess its research time. Thanks for your help.

And as a bonus the Platinum is on sale for $599.00.

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I like the La Figaro, but you’d only have success with the Sennheisers on it. It’s better than the DV for planars, but definitely not ideal

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