Lake People DAC RS 06

While researching the Violectric V280 I stumbled across the Lake People DAC RS 06. And there’s not a lot of people talking about it. It is to the Violectric V850 what the V820 is to the V281. Less options and a lot cheaper ($750). Only one resampling option and no volume knob. It’s described in detail here:


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So I’ve always been a fan of lake people/vio amps, sweet stuff. Their dacs have been nice, but never that impressive for the price imo. 750 can get you some really nice multibit or r2r dacs which personally I would prefer


Yeah very true.

So, not a contender to match up with my v281?

Probably better off to go with a multibit or r2r dac like M0N said.

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Gotcha - thanks. Have a Bifrost 2 - looking for a Soekris dac1541 or 2541 now but saw this one and wondered…