🔷 Lake People G103-S

This is the official thread for the Lake People G103-S Headphone Amplifier

This thread is for discussion and reviews.


  • 2 parallel headphone outputs (can be used simultaneously)
  • based on TI LI1876
  • Readily available in EU!

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This is the unofficial thread for the LakePeople G103-S :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Unbalanced via RCA (-P version is balanced with XLR)

  • Two paralel headphone 1/4

  • Based arround the Texas Instruments LM1876 (only active amplifier component AFAIK)

Impedance Power
16Ω 750mW
50Ω 1130mW
200Ω 940mW
300Ω 850mW
600Ω 530mW

Peak under the hood:


Do you want me to turn this into an official thread?

First Impressions:

  • bigger than expected
  • gets warm
  • so clean (compared to an A-100, HeadAmp4 and Mackie Mix12Fx)
  • the volume knob is “stiff” but super smooth


(kinda, had it only for two weeks now)

The Good:

  • It is a self-contained unit meaning no powerbrick to deal with.

  • Solid aluminium case. The two halves lock together with tongue and groove, so careful to not assemble it incorrectly.
    The screws that attach the top and bottom halves to the end caps are long enough that you could use them to screw the unit to angle brackets when attaching it to a rack-shelf.

  • Can crank it to 3 o’clock before noise gets audible (on Koss PortaPro)

  • Ground-Screw on the back should you need it.

The Bad:

  • It gets warm, as in really warm.
    The heatsink on the amp-chip is nice, without ventilation slots in the case, that just heats up the case. Without “forced airflow” arround it gets more than warm to the touch (measured at 45°C at 22°C room temp after 2 hours powering Audiotechnica M40x) when positioned in a tight rack (which is possible as it should fit on a 1U rack tray).

The Stupid:
(aka: Don’t try this at home)

  • As this amp is based arround an amp-chip that can deliver 15W into 4 Ohm, I had to test…
    Yep, you could use this as speaker amp (which may kill it in the long term, so do NOT do this)

For 240€ you get a clean (visually and audible) compact headphone amp that just does its job. Might be a tad warm leaning.
When used in a small space (rack, etc.), you may want to do forced airflow arround it.


Your call.

Since there is no thread for other Lake People amps, i ask my question here. I got the G109S. Is it a problem to plug two different impedance headphones at the same time? Lets Say the Beyer 880 600 Ohm and the Sennheiser 6XX.
Or the Beyer 8800 600Ohm + Audeze LCD2C

Maybe this should be turned into an official thread now.

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10 Char

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what is meant by the term ‘partial’ for the headphone outputs? I see two outputs and I think two things…it lets you use two headphones at the same time, so you can share with someone…or there’s one for each channel. but, there’s no L / R channel specified, so that’s more unlikely.

sounds like you need to order another ‘case cover’ so you can ventilate it.

As the LakePeople devices are studio focused, it is handy to just have to people listen to the same things. That was mentioned on the LakePeople product page (which no longer exists…)

On some of the Vioelectric amps the two 1/4" are Phase and Inverse (so basically the 4-pin XLR as 2x TRS.

If I had access to a mill, I would totaly attempt that. Right now I have a 92mm PC fan creating some air flow near it.

you don’t need a mill…just a square and a drill press…or a square and a router table with router and metal bit(s). :wink:

or you could get some metal mesh and cut it to size with tin snips and bend / form it to shape :wink:

On my Vio V220 I use the two 1/4" at the same time to compare headphones. Not a feature that I was looking for, but cool to have.

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How does this stack upto an Asgard 3? They are about the same price in eu.

It depends on how you look at it.
From a purely manufacturing point of view, I would say that the G103 has the edge.
There are also two G103 models, the S for Rca and the P for Balanced input.
In terms of sound, the P will be a little further ahead of the 2.

On the other hand, both only offer a 6.3 mm jack instead of both for headphones like the Asgard 3, so the point goes to the Asgard again.

In terms of sound, I would stick to the article by @mon, who described them both very well.
It depends on your preferences and of course on the conectivity you are aiming for.
If your Dac has a balanced connection that is declared as an output, I would prefer that.

Both are very good amplifiers where it really depends on personal preference.
I would tend to say that the Asgard 3 is fatter than the Lake people.

Unfortunately, the market in Europe is somewhat curious.
Most of the good stuff comes from the USA and China, where you have to pay customs duty, but it’s usually worth it in the end.
In Europe, with a few exceptions, we have a very limited choice of amplifiers.
And the search effort for Europe is sometimes difficult if there is a dealer who represents the products.
I had the Schiit Magni 3, Vali 2 and Loki, which were all good, and I was able to sell them relatively quickly here in Europe, except for the Loki, which I rightly kept.
The Beresford Capella is not a bad headphone amplifier either, if you like the British style, it’s just right and available for about 220€.

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