🔷 Lake People G105

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  • 2 6.3mm Headphone Outputs for Simultaneous Use
  • Balanced XLR Input Only:
  • Readily Available in EU

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This amplifier has the feature of being able to act as two mono amps.

So for a interview style podcast or two-person-band, you need just one of these for both people to monitor themself.

The only other amplifier I know with a feature like that is the Palmer PHDA 02. I have no experience with either of them.


When used in the LL/RR mode (not stereo), would that be what I consider a “balanced” output? E.g. could I make myself a cable with 2x6.3mm plugs for right +/-, left +/- on the one end and a 4 pin mini XLR on the other to drive a balanced headphone? :slight_smile:

How is the sound compared to e.g. the G103-S or an Asgard 3?

Thanks, Chripo

In dual-mono operation, it is just that, two mono outputs.

For mono into headphones, it might sound weird to have one ear phase inversed to the other.

Note: IIRC the Vioelectric amps give you balanced in the middle and then same signal as two separate TRS jacks.

Only for the V281 (at least in the V2__ line, I suppose it might be different on the newer lines) and only when the jumpers are set that way (not default)

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Thanks a lot @MazeFrame and @Pelontar for your comments! :slight_smile:

The jumpers change how the balanced is put out on the TRS jacks. They will output “balanced” all the time.