Lake People G108

Had anyone here used it? What are/were your thoughts on it?

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Not much chatter on Head-fi either, but a few people posted their impressions. I personally don’t have experience with that amp. I am more of a class A guy (Schiit Audio, Burson, …). I hope that thread helps.

I don’t have any experience with this amp. I have heard their parent company Violectric’s v222. It’s excellent. From what I’ve picked up, the Lake People amps tend to more neutral, studio sounding. And within that brand, the 108 tends to be more neutral than the 111. Wave Theory likes the 111 a lot.

The v222 has great detail, stage, and bass response with very natural highs (good extension, with very little roll off). Lots of power (especially towards high impedance headphones). It’s not a warm amp though, and tends to be a bit vocal forward.