LampizatOr Pacific DAC

A thing of simple beauty :heartbeat:



It’s gorgeous. I assume the tubes are used in its preamplification?

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I’m guessing so too

I’ve heard this before, very impressive. I was actually considering it until I decided to go for my aries cerat which I thought was higher preforming and a bit more towards my preference. But not the biggest fan of the looks lol, I can’t stand finishes like that and I would just dislike looking at it every time I had to use it lol

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Theres something about the mid century industrial design of tube amps I love also the mod century modern of the rupert neve dac

I just love the ‘plain’ brass box with the valves but the feet are a little pretentious lol?

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Yeah I never got the audiophile spike thing

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Lol…me neither

Supposed to be isolation to reduce vibration but idk how it works, seems to be effective but not always the most practical for where you can use them