Large cup gaming closed backs

Hello All,

As subject suggests I’m after a large cup gaming closed back headphone. I’ll be running off an A3. I would’ve enjoyed saving a buck, since it’s 99.9% for gaming, and gotten the 770. However, I’ve primarily been using the 880 and they aren’t quite large enough and how consistent I use them I feel these cheaper Beyers may wear a little quick for me. I LOVE the size and comfort of my Sundaras.

I, like most, don’t mind saving a buck but lets say no more than $750.

Elegia (used)?.. CX (used)?..


would suggest changing the pads on your 880/770 first… the pads on those are sloped inward making them a bit on the smaller side when really they are quite large… you can get large pads for them through brainwaves xl which are massive pads or dekoni which are fully rounded off unlike the stock beyer pad… might save you some money there.

from dekoni… the pads on the beyers vs the sundara are roughly the exact same size, off by 1 mm, with the sizes being 103mm for sundara vs 102mm for beyers…