Large driver planar headphones

Is a 106mm driver the largest a planar headphone comes in? I noticed that the M1060 is selling for 197$ for a open box. Ive been thinking of getting a large planar for a while. i like large drivers. But is there a larger one out there?

I would honestly save my cash and grab the m570 instead

I have the Aiva’s

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Ah honestly the m1060 might not be worth buying. And when the m1070 comes out I would not be surprised if they started having sales on the 1060 and 1060c trying to clear space for the new gear. Which the already have been doing the the m560

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Ah good point. I wonder how good that M1070 is gonna be. Anyone have an idea when its coming out?

But ive also been thinking about the LCD headphones, Hifiman and the Verum 1’s. They also have a large planar. The thing about large driver headphones is i believe they are more immersive and grand. I really like that sound and i really like planars.

These are the biggest planars i know of. would love to know if they come bigger.

Realistically that’s about as large as you are going to get. I think something like the arya has a very large and grand presentation, as does the verum 1 and some of the LCD headphones. I would wait for the m1070 and not get the m1060 imo

The M1070 looks great:

But the M1570 looks like it has a wider driver:

Really would love to know when these are getting released

The m1570 has a bigger magnet structure with a thicker diaphragm I believe

There was a question on the website of when they will be released. The answer is late November. So any day now. I would think they would want them out for Christmas at least

I would assume so lol, would be nice if they did. On the 1570 it shows they will be in stock on December 2nd

New china headphones

how much is that in dollars lol? and how would anyone not in china order?


I live in Korea. Purchased for $ 270 Only China shipping is available. You have to wait to get on AliExpress.

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lol thats like 30$ for that headphone, now i really want one. just to see =D

got ya, let us know how they sound. they look good. hopefully they sound good too =)

I thought that said 3000$ lol. But google Yen to Dollars convert says its 27$ guess im losing something in the translation lol.

Never heard of the Gold Planar company before. do they have a subsidiary or something?

Company introduction
I think it’s a start-up.
This product has a very good reputation.
We also have headphone funding coming out in 2020.

the one Gold Planar headphone grill looks a lot like the grill on the Monoprice M1570

you should only buy the M1060C, if you’re looking at the 1060’s. different drive than the open back and you can convert the closed to open back, which can be reversed if needed.

yeah i remember the reviews on them. wasnt one better than the other?