Last question about amps I swear

So I was fine, planning to get the ifi idsd black label, but then I found the chord mojo… it was 100$ cheaper, and had pretty similar positivity.

You know how it goes,
Planning to use it with nighthawks
Want a nice bass boost and high boost
Listen to 70 prog rock, mashups with questionable mastering/mixing quality (mainly listen to stuff on YouTube)

I’m sorry for bothering yall with the same question and opening multiple threads…

The mojo is going to be a bit more resolving, cleaner slightly brighter neutral, good amp but it might not give you much bass body and warmth in comparison to the ifi

Ah gotcha, but those balls and portability is really tempting lol. Especially the price cut. Is the difference very significant or can I get back the warmth and bass with something like zmf cowhide pads? (planning on pad swapping no matter cause the stock nighthawk pads are wearing out)

So the hawks are naturally warmer and bassier with the suede pads, the mojo would just lean less into that, actually is a good pairing imo, but if you are after the most bass it isn’t going to be the pick over the micro bl. I do like the mojo + hawks with suede though because it still has good punch and impact, but gives more treble prominent, and also good spatial depth

I personally don’t like the suede pads cause it
loses the bass rumble, so that’s why I’m asking if the zmf cowhides could bring it back or not?
I do like me some good leather pads as well.

Interesting for me that gives the most bass rumble

Never tried zmf on the hawks, I think @Jose_G has though

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i LOOOOOVE the ZMF leather perforated pads on the hawks. However i notice that @MrSushi wants to get as much bass as possible, the perf pads totally remove that from the equation lol so that’s a no go. I haven’t tried any other ZMF pad on them tho

Thanks for the response man. If you love them perforated, I think it’ll be good without the perforation as well (with some mor bass). I think I’ll man up and try something no else has tried for once lol. Hopefully I don’t regret the decision… plus those marbles on the chord look sexy af!

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the chord mojo seems like a great idea. Perforated or not perforated is probably dangerous lol. It’s up to u, but i will say that i don’t think it’s a good idea for u. GL tho!

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Why exactly do you think not perforated would be dangerous? Do wanna be carful lol

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Here’s my reasoning. You are planning on using the HAWKS with a bass boost lol. They have pretty nuts bass, the lambskin (actually just remembered i used lambskin not leather sorry) remove a fair bit of bass and change the sound completely. If you buy the ZMF leather hmmmmmmm. that actually could be interesting lol. assuming u use the stock leather pads, it could actually be interesting

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Interesting is why I bought the nighthawks in the first place lol. So here’s hoping it’s gonna be good :+1:. Chord mojo and zmf cowhides it is. Thanks for all the help! Last thing it’s the zmf oval pads that work with the nighthawks right? Or is it a different one?

One more option the EarMen TR-Amp and a tad cheaper :+1:

Personally for me the tr-amp was a bit too bright leaning and didn’t have as much body as a mojo imo, I would say the mojo might be a better match with the hawks (but I haven’t tried the tr-amp with the hawks, only other headphones)

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Ah the tr amp sounds not my thing lol. The more bright and less body sound is why I didn’t enjoy the dt 990s that much lol.

One last question: the zmf oval pads are compatible with the audioquest nighthawks dimension wise right?

I really don’t know, I haven’t used the zmf pads on the hawks as mentioned. It looks like eikon/aut pads would work but I’m not sure since I haven’t tried it myself

Sadly no cowhides in any other variant other then the ovals :frowning:

Yeah I really can’t tell you since I have no idea if it would fit properly lol

Well for reference I’ve heard that the brainwavz oval pads fit. Are the zmf oval similar to the brainwavz oval?