LCD-2F Microsuedes vs Leather

Anyone have thoughts on impact to sound and comfort between the LCD-2F Microsuedes with the old headband style relative to the LCD-2F Leathers with the new headband?

I ordered a pair of Microsuedes, but received Leathers and am trying to decide if it’s worth the time and effort to return.

I also have a pair of M1070s I likely sell that I’ve swapped to Velour pads and really enjoy (moreso than stock). Anyone have firsthand experience comparing the four combinations?

So far, I might enjoy the sound on the M1070 with Velour pads a little more than the LCD-2 with leather, so it’s got me curious. Build quality and comfort are no comparison, but sound…

Bump…Bueller? Looking like I may end up keeping what I’ve got, but still curious about the OEM Microsuedes, or something like the Dekoni Choice Suedes

Guess I’ll just keep replying to myself and maybe I’ll eventually be able to answer my own questions.

Are LCD-2s amp picky? Or genre picky? Listening to some Grand Funk RR Survival on them through the MX3 sounds kind of congested and intense…was expecting more laid back and smooth.

Need to get the RNHP hooked up, which likely helps a bit…

The mx3 isn’t really ideal, a better amp would def help them out

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Thanks, @M0N! Any thoughts about how the Microsuedes would change the sound aside from using a better amp?

I am not sure, I have not experimented with the microsuedes