LCD-3F Fazor remove?

So I have an LCD-3F and was wondering if anyone’s actually gone and removed their fazors? I’ve had the LCD-2 rev 2.1s before and they were what got me into Audeze’s sound. Just wondering since the most I got was a modder from an old forum who ended up killing the driver when trying tk get to the membrane. No mention of how easy or not the fazor removal was. Curious if the sound would be better or not too

Depends on 2 things:

Is the fazor a separate piece attached to the magnets?
If it is, how is it bonded?

Also, I assume they’ve been designed with the fazors as a system so removing them will likely cause the can to sound not right.

The old modder mentioned he was going to be replacing them and couldve actually done it before tearing into the magnet array. I assume it’s probably removable without major risk.

Yeah it’ll probably sound different. I’m hoping for a result akin to the M1060C when open modded. A somewhat different but not bad sound change

I would just sell what you have and chase a used lcd3pf. I think it would be less risky and im sure itll be a nice pickup for someone who does like the fazors

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From what i have heard, everyone that has tried to remove the fazors has destroyed the driver. I would highly advise against trying to remove the fazors.

Ahh, that’s unfortunate. Thanks for the heads up tho!

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