LCD-GX (vs) HE6se V2

Anyone have(or heard) both of these to comment on…?

Bass, warmth, impact, treble smoothness, tonality, detail, spatial performance, etc.

I am finding HE6se V2 a bit bright so far.

Audeze didn’t make anything good for gaming IMO. Imaging isn’t very accurate and height is kinda wonky how it’s presented. The GX was no exception to all of that.

Where in the FR is the brightness that bugs you on the he6?

How would you test that? Run a sweep, and listen for the hotspot(s)? Certain track sections? Maybe play a sweep, where you can control it(virtual oscilloscope?)?

a tone generator. something like Online Tone Generator - generate pure tones of any frequency

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what are u playing the he6se from? i find all hifiman on the bright side and for me personally, need a pretty warm source to make them usable

I generally agree; a small, but characteristic peak, with more present treble than not. HE-500.

Burson 3XP

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