LCD-X 2016 vs LCD2-C 2019 with fazor mod

Hi, just wanna get your opinions on these Audezes. One is LCD-X and seller mentioned bought in 2016. Everything is stock, it still has the old style headband. The other is LCD-2 Classic bought in 2019 which the seller does his own fazor mod with a 3D printed grill on each side (4 total grill).

The LCD-X is offered at $880 and the Fazor LCD-2C is & $700. I can get a new LCD-2C at around $770ish. A new LCD-X is definitely almost out of my range at &1300ish. Or should I save some and get a LCD-2C 2019 used all stock at $480?

TBH, I never had a planar before and after some research I would like to try Audeze. Any input would be much appreciated.

Cheers! :slight_smile: