LCD2 classic for 550€ or Sundara for 349€?

Hi guys, first post here.
I’m planning to buy my first planar, and I have the opportunity to buy a LCD2 classic (not new, but perfect conditions) for 550€, or a new Sundara for 349€ + 2y warranty.

My gear right now is pretty old: SMSL Sanskrit 6th, Pro-Ject Head Box II (a very bad amp I’m going to replace asap with JDS Labs Atom or some thx), AKG K701 with brainwavz XL pads, Fiio F9 Pro.

I don’t mind to EQ with MathAudio Headphone DPS in foobar if necessary, but I have no professional tools to do any FR measurement, so it’s done by ear or based by FR graph I found elsewhere.

To give you some background: I don’t like too bright headphones, but the AKG K701 with the bw pads and a bit of EQ is just right, originally it was a bit fatiguing for me, and I find the Fiio F9 Pro murdering sibilant.

When I heard that the Audeze is a bit dark I thought it was a good choice, but I don’t want to lose too much detail, so the new silent revision of the Sundara could be fine. Keep in mind it’s a “blind buy”, I mean I can’t right now give a good listening to the headphones.

Consider that where I live the choice for planars is very limited, I can buy Hifiman, Audeze for full price (like LCD2 classic 850€), but to get Sendy Aiva or Sivga or ThieAudio it’s a bit complicated.

What do you think?
Thanks in advance for any help!

The LCD2 has more rewiev as the Sundura.
And for sure more and better reputation as Hifiman.
Hifiman make not bad Phone‘s but have a little bit more Quality problems in the low Budget sector.Check Amazon rewiev‘s.

And the Lcd2 have a better resell price in the End as the Sundura.

What in the End is better your Ear say it.Is the Sundura better for you or the LCD2?
Try the two Headphones when possible before you buy it.

And another things is Planar Headphones need Power for a good run.
So make sure your Amp can run the Headphones, otherwise you were dispointed from the Planar Story Headphone.

I was in a Snakeoil Shop for few month ago and the Seller say try it.
I say okay,why not.
I sit down ,i see a Stax amp with phone,and i mean it what he want.
Give me the Sundura connected just on a CD player with no Amp.

And the End of the Story was he say the Stax is better but is exspensiv.
I have say i don‘t would buy a new Headphone it was a try,and i comes only to repair my cable.
Okay can‘t help you ,sorry.

In the Car i think so wait a minute, the Stax okay, and the Sundura just connect on the Cd player.Is sure the Sundura can‘t run excactly when is just connect on a Cd player with no Amp.

And it was really not good to hear the Sundura in this Conditions.
So make it sure you have enough power.

Good stuff, I agree with a lot of what you said. I would add that the LCD-2C takes better to EQ as well. I personally tend to not use EQ, but when I tinkered with EQ, I had a better response from the Audeze and there was less distortion. Both are good headphones. The Audeze are better built, the Sundara are lighter, Audeze better bass, Sundara better treble.

Sundaras are pretty smooth but i would call it bright… don’t agree with it having „better treble“ more like different treble. Both need very good amps to reach their full potential. Sundara is a obviously detailed and fun thing with beautiful fine dynamics. LCD2s are comfortable and relaxing but still very detailed in a subtle way.

Im not a big headphone guy but I heard both and think they exceeded at different styles of music.

If you like Jazz, Blues, Acoustic music, an intimate experience > go sundara

edgy recordings, classic rock, bass heavy electronic music, bad pop recordings, wide and relaxed sound -> go LCD-2 Classic

Yes, it’s really if you want a brighter neutral detail oriented signature, the hifiman. If you want a wider, warmer, and more fun signature, the LCD 2 classic. The lcd is built better but the sundara might be light enough to where it’s more comfortable for people. It really depends on preference here


I vote LCD2 classic. I had the sundara and they were bright. but not too bright. however the lcd2 classic has a fantastic reputation. i heard it mentioned a LOT. and its a warmer headphone. sounds right up your alley. also its pretty detailed from what i hear. If you want a 350$ headphone thats not bright i heard the Verum 1’s are warmer and quite good.

Thanks guys, and sorry for the late, I was on a tight deadline and have no time to browse the forum.

Unfortunately the owner of the LCD2 sold them to a friend who was in line before me, so I don’t have much of options for planar right know, a part from the Sundara, which I’m going to try next week, and the Verum, which - and I know it’s a bit stupid, but I find them terrible looking.

I guess I’ll wait a bit, meanwhile I’m going to do some questions for the new amp in the right forum :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have both and really enjoy both as well but if I had to pick one it would be the Sundara. The 2C is an amazing headphone but the Sundara is just as good (better in some aspects) imo and costs a few hundred less so why not save some money.

But is the Sundara subbass enought?

When you go up a few dB in the bass they have really nice sub-bass. I have a Schiit Loki that I use for this but any digital EQ will do the same. Once you EQ the bass they hit just as hard as the 2C.

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Hmmm, from my experience the 2 c is a fair bit better preformer in bass, I would say it comes down to preference here vs the sundara. I personally prefer the sundara (the new revision) over the 2c, but for bass I would most likely go 2c as the sundara can’t match the actual performance, only volume when eq’d

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Here in Spain the Sundara is 350€, the Lcd2C is 900, so you will understand I want to make sure which is the right buy for me… I prefer a warmer sound but it’s more than double the price… Without the chance of test them is difficult.

Yeah that’s too much lol. How much is a used lcd 2? (Not classic)

The verum 1 also fits the bill too (the new mk2 looks nice)

I don’t see many for sale, I check Headfi everyday…

In Spain I found a lcd 2 classic

Otherwise, what countries could you potentially buy from, as there is most likely more lcd 2 outside of Spain?

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Anywhere in the European Union, shipping rates are not too expensive and I don’t have to deal with undesired taxes. But buying new the price is the same anywhere ( maybe 50 off here or there). Thanks for the link, I didn’t know that site. The thing is I was trying to buy from someone with a good sales history. I will have to expand my search obviously. Anyway this month’s budget is gone: 230 for the OH10, 260 the Xduoo XD-05 plus 100 in music and 100 in tips and cables lol…

In italy, the LCD2 non classic used (if you can find one) is a bit more expensive than the LCD2 classic, around 700-800€, but it depends on the seller. LCD-X, well kept, around 1.100€.

When you can find US products they come very expensive, like the JDS LABS is not less than 150€. Forget about Geshelli and others, because nobody that I know of is importing this stuff here.

Also: what is the Verum mkII? Is it better than 1? I can’t find anything on the website.

edit: found the mkii in the official thread

Just curious what’s the difference sound wise between the LCD2, LCD2 Classic and the X as there seems to be quite a price variation between the models?

LCD2 classic: wide, dark, energetic, and bassy

LCD 2: warmer, wider, more detailed, relaxed, refined

LCD X: most detail forward, less wide (surprisingly so), most treble extension, most even signature


Thanks for that :smiley: …it think it would be the X for me then :+1: