LCR Suggestions for $700

Looking for suggestions for best LCR I can do for $700 or less for a living room. Needs to be bookshelves for L/R (Mounted with clamping wall mounts). Replacing existing front stage (Sony). Thoughts? Biggest reason to upgrade is for a better Center but wanting to maintain matching timbre.

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That clamping mechanism sounds like there could be some size limitations here too. What speaker cabinet dimensions can you accomodate? What amplifier/receiver are you using?

Thanks for the welcome! 5.3” to 11” wide will fit rates to 33 lbs. They can actually die some good sized bookshelves. Currently Sony SSCS5. The media console has plenty of room for the center. TV is wall mounted, so the whole top is open.

Powered off a Denon x1500h.

Theres klipsch RP-450c cherry colored going for 399 on amazon. Wait for amazon prime day to pick up a set of RP160m for 280 bucks, youre golden.

Or klipsch RP-504C and a set of neumiBS5.

I’ve only ever heard the Reference series they carry at Best Buy. They were a bit bright for me (I’m assuming from it being the lowest line). Are the RP mellower? I was under the impression that some of that will always be there by nature of the horn loaded tweeter. I planned on just waiting until Black Friday to try and get a decent deal unless something better comes up between now and then.

You could also look into this Jamo center channel for $245

and L/R speakers for $373

That takes you just over $600. Also, Jamo is clearing their stock right now. They have other models for less money you can search for. You may have to buy from multiple stores because all of Jamo’s retailers are liquidating current inventory for updated model lines.

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Yes, RP160 are pretty big bookshelves theyre almost twice as big as R-15’s (had them for rears).

If i wasnt upgrading my reviever and my HT was bigger space id pick up a RP-450C. Im doing everything not to press add to cart. its a damn horizontal tower speaker, feel like a crackhead i want one. Lol.

I want those C93II, have a feeling would sound awesome with a RP600m center.

They are tempting aren’t they? I have no need nor room for them right now, but I have thought several times 'just put them in a closet until I have a two channel room… "

The good thing about HT is you can display 3 sets of speakers and not just one :slightly_smiling_face:. Getting back to OP, how big is your space? Swapped the R15m in for the front and they dont sound bad in my room.

Im in the get the biggest center you can afford camp. But i also think you should go with at the min. 5in drivers for surrrounds.